The Autobiography of a Punk Princess

The Autobiography of a Punk Princess

"Anyone who writes an autobiography is either a twat or broke. I'm a bit of both. Once I got going, I did make myself laugh a couple of times and learnt a few things, as patterns emerged that I hadn't noticed before. Hopefully you'll have a bit of a laugh and learn a few things too." Viv Albertine's Introduction in Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys Boys, Boys.

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Classic Cars & Photos of My Trip to Cuba

I was a little boy when I left Cuba to come to the USA. Even at the young age of five, I already new that my family and I would never return. (So I thought.) Like so many Cubans, I grew up with that mindset. After months of planning,  permission from OFAC in D.C. and a temporary Cuban visa, I traveled back to Cuba after more than four decades last April. My mission: to reunite with my 80 year old father who I hadn't seen since 1970. The outcome: a beautiful, life-changing experience. With the proposed changes to US / Cuba Policy this means that I will continue to enjoy visiting with dad. For me and for many many others, this change is the beginning of hopes, dreams and familial unification. Something that my generation and that of my parents' have longed for... for over 50 years.

In October, I premiered the film I made with Gil Guillama called Finding Dad: Mira... tu Papa. This is a documentary about my first trip back to Cuba and the reunion with my father. Dad is 81 now and every time we speak on the phone he asks when am I going to come see him again. Now I can say, "soon, very soon!"


The Naughty or Nice Photo Contest

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And to celebrate, Wellness Natural Pet Food, will be hosting a Naughty or Nice Photo Contest, which will run between now and December 23rd.

The contest will be hosted on Wellness’ Facebook page here and participants can submit up to four photo entries. At the end of the contest, two grand prize winners – one dog & one cat – will each be chosen to receive a year’s supply of Wellness Pet Food. There will also be up to 10 runners up, who will receive a Wellness cat or dog prize pack.

his is just too cute and too fabulous! If your pet is anything like mine they're "always" nice with just a tad of naughty! Enter today & good luck!!! Woof. Meow.


Holiday Gifts by Must Jewelry

Donations and attention has faded from Lou Gehrig’s disease as the social buzz from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has ended, but Must Jewelry commits to continue to make a difference through a brand-new Ice Bucket themed line using their finest silver, gold and diamonds.  Twenty percent of all sales go directly to the ALS Association, which is more than 65% of profits.  The Ice Bucket line retails for $125. Must Jewelry is a modern and trendy, yet classic and timeless jewelry company.  From manufacturing their own diamonds to the implementation into actual jewelry, the process starts in the mine and ends on the consumer’s finger. Each piece is hands on polished to perfection. The pieces range from $125 to $150,000.  For more information, please visit



Divergent Series: INSURGENT Trailer

Shailene Woodley and Theo James are back and if this movie trailer is an indication of what Insurgent has to offer .... whoa... hang on because we're in for a super thrill ride! Tris (Shailene) and Four (Theo) are fugitives on the run from the evil Erudite leader, Jeanine, played by Kate Winslet. Insurgent his theaters on March 20, 2015... and we can't wait!


Julia Roberts for GIVENCHY 2015

Julia Roberts Givenchy

My initial reaction to hearing that Julia Roberts was the new face of Givenchy was "YUCK!" and then, "WTF???!!!" I don't see her as fashion. She's void of style. The very few times she's ever looked good on the red carpet is because a stylist dressed her. BUT, I stand corrected with these Givenchy campaign photos. [Though to my defense, Julia Roberts was dressed and styled by someone else... just sayin.'] She looks good. Great, actually. Strong, powerful and modern. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the images evoke the " Givenchy timeless beauty" that Riccardo Tisci set out to capture. So there you have it. Julia Roberts for Givenchy 2015.


Private Shopping with HELMUT LANG

E. Vincent Martinez / Helmut Lang Atlanta

Photos: Avia Meadows

Last night in Atlanta, Helmut Lang was bubbling over with champagne and private shoppers. The atmosphere was casual yet uber chic at the same time. The fabrics, luxurious and [my] guests, super fabulous. I was thrilled to host the private shopping soiree in the new Helmut Lang showroom in Buckhead Atlanta. Some guests were HL fans while others were falling in love for the first time. But one thing they had in common, they ALL loved the brand.


Cynthia Bailey on RHOA, Rumors and More...

E. Vincent Martinez & Cynthia Bailey

Last Spring I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cynthia Bailey and we talked and talked and talked! Real Housewives of Atlanta, modeling, the Bailey Agency... it's all in there. Watch Now! Subscribe to fashionadoTV and be among the first to see our features.