Fashionable Driving Gear


Just as we do with our clothing, our hair, and even our own bodies — think tattoos and makeup — we can also detail our rides. Give your vehicle a fashionable upgrade with a few cool, savvy accessories.

Tires: Much like your shoes, tires are both fashionable and necessary. And like shoes, tires have come a long way in providing a variety of awesome choices in performance and looks. Search for options like Nitto's Neo Gen ultra-high performance all-season tires, which are quality-engineered tires that have been rigorously tested for peak performance, and also look great on your vehicle.
Rims: Great tires without equally great rims is like wearing dress shoes without socks. If you're looking to outfit your vehicle, rims are one detail you don't want to overlook. For classy and luxurious rides, only top shelf rims will do. Take a look at Ace Executive Black rims, which sport attitude with their bulky style that balances with any full-sized luxury sedan, truck, or sport-utility vehicle.

You can also go the custom route, with something like Nutek rims. These unique rims come in different colors, such as chrome and custom paint finishes, as well as carbon fiber, anodized, and ceramic fiber combinations. Find a set of rims that complement your vehicle and reflect your personality, whether you're going for over-sized chrome rims or the blackout look.

Seat Covers: Your exterior may be looking great now, but don't forget that it's also what's on the inside that counts. Detail your car's interior to stay on par with your car's upgraded exterior, with a set of luxury seat covers. You'll find a variety of brands and styles, all available in many different colors. Find a set that reflects your personal style, and slip them on your seats for an instantly fashionable look.
Steering Wheels: One fashionable detail that is both stylish and accommodating, especially during the colder months, is Hammacher Schlemmer's full coverage heated steering wheel cover. Battery-operated, the cover is easily installed, fitting standard wheels of 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches in diameter.

Enjoy heated steering wheels on three settings, ranging from 95 to 110 degrees — best yet, the cover takes less than three minutes to heat up. The battery pack can be tucked away safely on the steering wheel's column and, during the warmer seasons, the cover's rubber layer can be used without heat to protect your steering wheel from wear and tear. The cover also comes with an AC adapter to recharge the battery indoors.

Custom Emblems: Add a little bit of customized style to your vehicle with custom-made emblems. These triple chrome-plated, metal finish emblems come in all sorts of designs, from your favorite college football team to your favorite superhero logo. Whatever your passion, Elektroplate Chrome Emblems can custom make your emblem, or you can choose from hundreds in stock to add some pizzazz to your vehicle. There are also recess colors and three-dimensional contours available. Simply apply them to your vehicle with an automotive-grade adhesive foam tape, with a simple peel and stick.