Behind-the-Scenes with Candy Spelling at Estate

E. Vincent Martinez & Candy Spelling
E. Vincent Martinez & Candy Spelling

I couldn't imagine a better location to interview Candy Spelling than at Estate. And after interviewing at so many TV news stations, she couldn't agree more. Candy Spelling and her bestie Alicia walked into Estate and felt at home. [So a big loving shout out to my friend Tony Conway and A Legendary Event for the love and the space!] Candy and her friend were relaxed, comfortable and enjoyed the Mitchell Gold furnishings, style and decor. They were especially impressed to learn that Bill Lowe Gallery changes the artwork out every season, which keeps the "feel" of Estate fresh.

So what else happened on and off camera?? 

E. Vincent Martinez
E. Vincent Martinez

This was pre-interview. Demi Styles snapped the photo. I was trying to contain my excitement by distracting myself on Twitter. Candy was in the dressing room with

Nyssa Green

of the

Green Room Agency

getting her hair and makeup ready.


Gil Guillama was getting us ready.

"Candy, may I get a sound check please,"

he said. Funny thing was that while we had the interior of Estate to ourselves, the landscapers reigned outdoors. Guess what, the loudest John Deere was mowing away right outside our window! Not to worry, Amy, Estates super fab manager took care of that! "Quiet on set. Action!"


I began the interview by letting Candy know just how much I enjoyed her book,

Candy At Last

. I read it in only three days! I was enthralled by her stories about her adventures with Hollywood celebrities. The greats! We spoke briefly about her daughter,

Tori Spelling


"Everyone wants to ask me about Tori,"

she pointed out before the interview, so I decided to respect Candy's privacy and not dwell or pry. Just a mention. Besides, after thirty-eight incredible years of marriage with the legendary

Aaron Spelling

, Candy had so many other fascinating things to talk about. So we did.


And finally. I had to. I just had to... I whipped out a Sharpie and with a smile handed it to Candy... the inscription reads:

"Vincent - Thanks for being so sweet! Warmest Regards."

Signed Candy Spelling. Yup, no longer


Aaron's wife or Tori's mom. [It's] Candy At Last.