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I've been wanting these for a long time!

The fashionado tee-shirt I am wearing is a prototype but very soon they will be available to everyone.

I'm happy, as in HAPPY, to announce that fashionado is going through some growing pains. And with growth comes changes or as I like to call it, evolvement. Some of the changes you may not even notice while others may impress you - and hopefully engage you too! 

So stick with me. Good things are coming! OH and Happy Tuesday!!


E. Vincent Martinez
E. Vincent Martinez

Sunday Landscapes


I thought I'd share with you where my mind and heart are this morning. Every time I scroll through my iPhotos I stop at this image and smile. So peaceful and serene. It's from the picturesque country side heading back to Havana from Varadero. I snapped the photo on a sunny Sunday in April. 

I wish everyone a restful and Happy Sunday! xo



The 5th Annual LIVING ART AMERICA is back and it's grown bigger than ever! LAA is now a three-day event - just because one night is not enough to showcase all the tremendous talent featured in this World Bodypainting sanctioned event. LAA is one of my favorite events in Atlanta and this year promises to be even more spectacular than before - if you can imagine that! 

**For event info & TICKETS, visit the Living Art America website ... and hurry, this event sells out!

[In this video] Enjoy runway highlights of last year's Living Art America and includes my interview with founder/director Randi Layne.


Official Trailer: Finding Dad: "Mira...tu Papa"

Finding Dad: "Mira... tu Papa" is a film two years in the making.

I first got the idea when I turned 46 and it hit me that my father, who I hadn't seen or been in contact with since 1970 was nearing 80 years old. 

Last April my wish became a reality. I traveled back to Havana, Cuba, along with my mother, to reunite with my father. My longtime friends (and fashionadoTV partners) Gil and Dania joined us. And the adventure began. It was their first time back to Cuba as well.

Join us on October 17th, 2014 at the Georgia Pacific Center for the premiere of Finding Dad: "Mira... tu Papa."

We are thrilled and honored to be kicking off the 3rd Annual Georgia Latino Film Festival with our documentary. Please support us by attending. *For tickets, visit: 


Give Me Lip!


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