Is There A Better Way to See the World than in Aspire Eyewear?

Is it time for a post-Labor Day sunglasses makeover? With most summer shades looking worse for wear at this point in the year, Aspire Eyewear wearers are seeing an evergreen difference in their frames choice. In addition to offering a “barely there” fit and feel with eyewear that is lighter and thinner, the product is also stronger, and more pliable than anything else on the market. Created with hypoallergenic SDN-4, this proprietary material also offers shape memory, is heat resistant, and will not fade in UV exposure, which means these frames look great and perform well for a very long time.

And since Aspire Eyewear frames will still be in such great shape, the brand recommends paying a visit to your local optician and giving your sunglasses a lens upgrade, instead. Below are some tips on lens options that can make your world a little brighter...

Brown Tone Improves light adaptation in bright and low light situations, gives greater sharpness and contrast.  (Recommended for Cycling, Running and Golf.)
Orange Tone has a high intensity color that enhances the surrounding terrain by highlighting the upper end of mi-range light. (Recommended for Cycling and Golf.)
Green Tone enables natural colors to “POP.”  (Recommended for Cycling, Golf and Boating.)
Grey Tone enhances natural vibrant colors while providing even management of light across the entire visible spectrum of light. (Recommended for Boating, Tennis and hiking.)

Aspire Eyewear shown above: "Anonymous" in Blue.