A Cuban tasting at The Consulate

Picadillo, tostones in a garlic-lime mojo sauce and shrimp empanadas are just a few of the delicious options on the upcoming Cuban menu at The Consulate restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. My partner, Alex Page, discovered The Consulate about a year ago and we have been fans (and regulars) ever since. We've gotten to know the friendly and gracious owners Doug and Lin so when they mentioned that the next culinary destination on the map was Cuba, mi corazon said "Azucar!!"

Lin, who is also The Consulate's Executive Chef, has been working on and perfecting the Cuban menu for over two months. She is very detail-oriented and has done her research to create the most authentic cuisine for her guests. Lin has did the same for Guam and all the other countries they have featured.

The Consulate is a sexy space, rich in velvets, brass and mid-century modern furntiure. Along with the mouth-watering tapas they serve, The Consulate boasts some of the best hand-crafted cocktails by the most experienced mixologist, Mr. Jones. The Cuban menu is phenomenal. Alex and I were treated to a private tasting of every item and closing out with flan for dessert. We were honored to receive the invitation as not even the wait-staff has tasted the new menu.

The Consulate transitions to tastes of Cuba on July 1st BUT I am delighted to invite you on Friday, July 14 for a celecracion Cubana at The Consulate. I am thrilled to be hosting this party so bring your salsa dancing shoes because we're gonna have FUN!