Hot jewelry Trends Inspired By The Royal Wedding

royal wedding jewelry

The eyes of the world were trained on Windsor last weekend, as actress Megan Markle and HRH Prince got hitched in a fantastically romantic ceremony that brought a lump to the throat of even the most hard-hearted. With a posse of glamorous and groomed young royals now stealing the limelight – and headlines around the world – Meghan is now more a trendsetter than ever. The effect that she, the Duchess of Cambridge and the little Princes and Princess have on product sales is significant, with both making instant sell-outs of items they are pictured in. Small British company Strathberry, makers of luxury bags saw their waiting list jump to 3,000 for a bag Meghan was pictured carrying during one of her post-engagement appearances in Nottingham. So what trends are emerging in the wake of the royal wedding?

Luxurious Drop Earrings

Sculptural earrings were all over the guest list at the royal wedding, as statement ear candy makes its comeback from 80s style Siberia to be a key accessory for summer 2018. The Robinson Pelham diamond tsar earrings sported by Pippa Middleton last week epitomize this trend, while the dramatic pear diamond drops worn by Amal Clooney also shone. Pearls were also a key trend at the wedding, with the somewhat fusty image they’ve had being shaken off with the wearing of dramatic, oversized pearl drop earrings. New designs mix pearls with rose gold and contain just enough punk edge to look modern while still nodding daintily to the heritage vibe. Even the Her Majesty the Queen, the original wearer of pearls, sported a slightly oversized drop pair for the big day.

Stacked Items

Meghan’s signature style when it comes to jewelry has always been to combine and stack multiple pieces, sometimes mixing metals, which gives a high-end boho twist to her tailored couture outfits and perhaps expresses a bit of her self-confessed free-spirited hippy vibes under the modest and formal style of a new member of the royal family. Steal this look with stacking rings, an arm party full of bangles in gold and silver, delicate layered necklaces and earrings featuring climbers and jackets that almost give the appearance of multiple piercings. Stella and Dot is especially good to get this on trend look. While bar necklaces and circular pendants from Daisy London are also ones the new Duchess of Sussex would definitely rock.

A Story of Origins

While the debate about ethically-sourced diamonds is certainly not a new one, the fact of Meghan’s ring containing a centre stone originating from Botswana, where the couple have holidayed in the past, casts a whole new spotlight on the topic, bringing the issue of sustainability in fine jewelry to the front and centre, and making political topics more about a couple’s personal values. The incorporation of heritage stones from jewelry previously belonging to Harry’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales will similarly inspire couples getting engaged to think outside the box when it comes to repurposing family mementoes. Use a supplier such as to source the most perfect fit for your story.