The 90s Urban Chick Gets A Revamp

During the 90s, slowly but surely women’s fashion became dominated by denim. Jeans were already killing off the flared trousers of 80s. But it was going further than that by jackets that were made completely of denim, and even backpacks made from this material also. Nowadays we don’t bat an eyelid when we see someone wearing any one of those kind of clothes but we don’t realize why we should be paying attention. As much as other styles like streetwear and modern urban was to claim the top spot of the go-to fashion for women in major cities, it's actually the humble 90s background that claims true victory. Denim Wear became immensely popular for going to the beach. Sand and sea salt didn’t get stick in your jean, denim shorts and jacket, unlike clothes made from wool and cotton. It was noticed from this that denim was durable, even when wet and being hit by the elements. Hence why now, we have seen a revamp of the urban chick, mainly because of the contrasts the 90s fashion offered.

Confident in simplicity

girl with glasses

Remember when urban fashion was obsessed with denim clothing that was artificially ripped and torn? The look of jeans having been through a blender was all the rage in the early 2000s. Especially for people that wanted a rebel look, this kind of clothing was attractive. And where better to go against the grain than in a city setting where so many people follow fashion trends? The need to be different was palpable by the urban chick style. Young women that were into hip-hop and rock n’ roll wanted to be separated from the pop culture of the day. However, this fashion style has gotten to a point where there is one dominant approach. No longer being excessively ripped, jeans with tears or rather holes at the knees are simple yet confident. Lighter denim is the choice here, and jeans that are either stretchy or straight cut are the most popular choices. Boot cut and tapered are also great choices but the retro look boot cut styles offer is perhaps the best option if you’re not sure.

A hint of attitude

In large cities, it's not uncommon to find all manner of people walking around and making up the fabric of the urban environment. There are people that don’t care about fashion, those that do, those that wear floral dresses, leather jackets, knitted jumpers, and a whole raft of other items during the same season. It's almost as if any kind of fashion is hip and ‘in’ at any time of the year. Mixing this kind of attitude of anything goes, you can wear round glasses from Eyebasic. The EyeBuyDirect review showcases why thin frames don’t have to be dainty and how metal is always going to be able to mold into any outfit. And perhaps that’s one of the more remarkable things about the modern urban fashion. Sunglasses aren’t as cool as actual glasses, as function is set above form for a change. This philosophy was always respected by the style, since practical wear and tear was needed for clothes worn in the bustling cities. However frames that are slim, lightweight, and always blend into the outfit without stealing the spotlight are exactly the kind of items that last the longest.

The famous bomber

You could say that certain celebrities have made the bomber jacket remain the popular choice of the urban fashion admirer. However, wouldn’t be doing justice to the designers that have constantly revamped the style to make sure that the bomber remains the top choice for jackets among younger women. Bomber jacket fashion was dominated by men, again in the 90s especially, as well as the early 2000s. However, they have been designed to compliment the body of a woman who is in shape. The stretchy elastic waist, flexible wrist and elbow material is directly destined to be worn tightly. The bomber is becoming slimmer also, and finally there is a vibrant color palette to choose from, as maroon and military green are becoming the fading choices. It's not uncommon to see urban women wearing this kind of style, in the new streetwear fashion. It's amazing how the bomber hasn’t been replaced by another jacket altogether, but it's understandable as it's practical and has been made more feminine over the years.

The urban chick has gone through a slow transformation. Since the 90s and 2000s there have been many changes but now, the style is supremely confident and knows what works, and what doesn’t. Practical and having stood the test of time, if the urban style speaks to you, rest assured that you have every right to be confident in the revamped designs.