We're taking two of our favorite things (costumes and canines) and combining them into one poppin', pre-Halloween event for both man and man's best friend! Join us for the very first Doggies on the BeltLine Halloween parade, featuring a full afternoon of activities and awesome goodies, including:
+ Pre-party at The Shed at Ponce City Market
+ Costume contests (with prizes from Hotel ClermontBarking Hound Village, and City Winery Atlanta)
+ Fabulous freebies from Ace + Jack, Barking Hound Village, and more
+ Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Trekker benefits for an entire year
+ After-party at Park Tavern featuring Tito's Vodka cocktails

Doggies on the BeltLine will be held on Sunday, October 28th from 1:00-3:00 PM. Doggie check-in and parade starts at The Shed at Ponce City Market, where we'll be handing out goodies for you and your precious pooch from Ace + Jack, City Winery, Barking Hound and more! From here, we'll make our way down the BeltLine and end at Park Tavern for the costume contest and after party of the century. Help ring in the Halloween season with the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, Doggies on the Catwalk Foundation and your four-legged bestie!

There will be no onsite ticket sales – you MUST purchase your tickets for this event in advance here. Joining ABP in sponsoring this awesome event are Ponce City Market, Park Tavern, Altitude Apartments, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Hotel Clermont, Barking Hound, City Winery and more. We look forward to seeing everyone at The Shed at Ponce City Market in October! No refunds or ticket transfers, rain or shine (there will be covered areas).  

**Purchase tickets to Doggies on the BeltLine here.



thom browne zegna

The Ermenegildo Zegna Group announced today that it has reached an agreement with Sandbridge Capital and with Mr. Thom Browne for the acquisition of 85% of Thom Browne Inc, for an enterprise valuation of approximately half a billion dollars. Mr. Thom Browne will be the sole other shareholder, with the balance of the Company’s shares.

The Thom Browne business will remain independently run, in order to pursue and accelerate the strong and profitable growth trajectory that the brand has seen over the past several years. As such, Mr. Thom Browne will continue in the same capacity as Chief Creative Officer and Rodrigo Bazan will retain his role as Chief Executive Officer.

Ermenegildo Zegna, Chief Executive Officer of the Zegna Group said: “As global leaders in luxury menswear, we have always been open to opportunities for external growth. And, since we started looking at partnerships, I always knew that Thom Browne would be the perfect fit.”

“In addition to the immediate benefits with regards to fabrics and manufacturing support we can leverage our global reach to further expand Thom Browne’s retail network. Most importantly, we share the same passion for excellence and impeccable, modern tailoring. Thom’s visionary approach and his unique point of view have enabled him to build and nurture the most loyal clientele. On this strong footing, and thanks to a thriving women’s business and strong appeal with millennials, we believe that we can build long-term value for all of our stakeholders.”

“Finally, I am very proud to oversee a rare major investment by an Italian luxury player in an American company. I have always been a strong admirer of the United States, and look forward to our strengthened presence here.”

Thom Browne, Founder and Chief Creative Officer said: “... I am very proud and excited for my new partnership with Zegna ... I feel that their passion for only the best quality and craftsmanship is very much aligned with how I have always approached my collections ... my conceptual approach to design and the long-term vision of growing a true luxury design-led collection for men and women is something we both feel strongly about as the future strength of Thom Browne ... with Zegna, Thom Browne will have a partner who not only understands the fundamentals of this business, but truly embodies them and brings the knowledge and skills of a global leader.”

“As I welcome Gildo to the Thom Browne world, I want to personally thank Sandbridge Capital, and Ken Suslow in particular, for being such a good partner, but more importantly, being such a good friend ... I have always valued our friendship over the years of our partnership because he has always proven to be a true gentleman ... We would have not achieved the outstanding growth of Thom Browne without his support.”

Ken Suslow, Founding Managing Partner of Sandbridge Capital, added: “I could not be more pleased to announce this transaction, which ensures the continued long-term growth of Thom Browne. I am profoundly grateful for the successful partnership that Thom and I have developed over the years. Thom is a uniquely talented visionary - his enduring commitment to building a modern American luxury house dedicated to the finest craftsmanship and tailoring is truly inspiring.

I believe that Zegna is the ideal partner for the Thom Browne brand. It is for this reason that we did not engage with other interested parties, and that instead Gildo, Thom and I agreed upon this deal in a privately negotiated manner."


Atlas Reveals Renovation Plans for New Terrace

atlas atlanta

Atlas, one of the Southeast’s premier dining destinations located within the St. Regis Atlanta, has revealed initial plans for a complete renovation of its already popular terrace.  What will be an oasis in the heart of Buckhead, the terrace will provide guests with an all-season, enchanted garden experience.  Not only will the new terrace be an extension of the comfortable and lively atmosphere the Tavern at Atlas has become known for, but it will also serve as a stand-alone bar and dining destination boasting chef-driven small plates, award-winning cuisine from the dining room, cocktails and live music.  

“When Atlas took over the restaurant space at the St. Regis, a complete renovation of the interior occurred as part of a three-phase plan,” says Atlas General Manager Geno Dew. “With the Tavern at Atlas being the second phase, we’re now thrilled to give the exterior a facelift as we continue our commitment to always provide exceptional experiences as one of the Southeast’s must-go dining and cocktail destinations.  We could not be more thankful of Buckhead community and locals and visitors alike for their support to help us achieve this vision and for our ongoing success.” 

Set to be completed in early 2019 in conjunction with the four-year anniversary, the new 3,070-square foot terrace designed by The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry will offer 100 seats in the dining area along with 24 dedicated bar seats. Playing to Atlanta’s weather and complimenting Atlas’ acclaimed interior, the new terrace will feature a vaulted glass and steel roof, sliding glass windows that open onto One Buckhead Plaza, an up lit tree sculpture featured at the bar, and focal trees throughout the dining space that will create an intimate dining setting.  More details will be released in the coming months. 

Throughout the renovation process, which will take place outside of operating hours, Atlas will continue to provide its unparalleled standards of service. Celebrating the very best in seasonal American cuisine combined with European influences created by Executive Chef Christopher Grossman, guests are invited to revel in a fine dining experience in the dining room or take advantage of The Tavern featuring a chef-driven small plates menu and hand-shaken cocktails. Atlas also boasts an acclaimed art installation that includes more than 30 pieces from esteemed artists including Foujita, Monet, Chagall, Modigliani and Soutine. The impressive gallery of 20th century artwork has been hand-selected from The Lewis Collection, one of the largest private art collections in the world.      

For more information or reservations, visit


The 90s Urban Chick Gets A Revamp

During the 90s, slowly but surely women’s fashion became dominated by denim. Jeans were already killing off the flared trousers of 80s. But it was going further than that by jackets that were made completely of denim, and even backpacks made from this material also. Nowadays we don’t bat an eyelid when we see someone wearing any one of those kind of clothes but we don’t realize why we should be paying attention. As much as other styles like streetwear and modern urban was to claim the top spot of the go-to fashion for women in major cities, it's actually the humble 90s background that claims true victory. Denim Wear became immensely popular for going to the beach. Sand and sea salt didn’t get stick in your jean, denim shorts and jacket, unlike clothes made from wool and cotton. It was noticed from this that denim was durable, even when wet and being hit by the elements. Hence why now, we have seen a revamp of the urban chick, mainly because of the contrasts the 90s fashion offered.

Confident in simplicity

girl with glasses

Remember when urban fashion was obsessed with denim clothing that was artificially ripped and torn? The look of jeans having been through a blender was all the rage in the early 2000s. Especially for people that wanted a rebel look, this kind of clothing was attractive. And where better to go against the grain than in a city setting where so many people follow fashion trends? The need to be different was palpable by the urban chick style. Young women that were into hip-hop and rock n’ roll wanted to be separated from the pop culture of the day. However, this fashion style has gotten to a point where there is one dominant approach. No longer being excessively ripped, jeans with tears or rather holes at the knees are simple yet confident. Lighter denim is the choice here, and jeans that are either stretchy or straight cut are the most popular choices. Boot cut and tapered are also great choices but the retro look boot cut styles offer is perhaps the best option if you’re not sure.

A hint of attitude

In large cities, it's not uncommon to find all manner of people walking around and making up the fabric of the urban environment. There are people that don’t care about fashion, those that do, those that wear floral dresses, leather jackets, knitted jumpers, and a whole raft of other items during the same season. It's almost as if any kind of fashion is hip and ‘in’ at any time of the year. Mixing this kind of attitude of anything goes, you can wear round glasses from Eyebasic. The EyeBuyDirect review showcases why thin frames don’t have to be dainty and how metal is always going to be able to mold into any outfit. And perhaps that’s one of the more remarkable things about the modern urban fashion. Sunglasses aren’t as cool as actual glasses, as function is set above form for a change. This philosophy was always respected by the style, since practical wear and tear was needed for clothes worn in the bustling cities. However frames that are slim, lightweight, and always blend into the outfit without stealing the spotlight are exactly the kind of items that last the longest.

The famous bomber

You could say that certain celebrities have made the bomber jacket remain the popular choice of the urban fashion admirer. However, wouldn’t be doing justice to the designers that have constantly revamped the style to make sure that the bomber remains the top choice for jackets among younger women. Bomber jacket fashion was dominated by men, again in the 90s especially, as well as the early 2000s. However, they have been designed to compliment the body of a woman who is in shape. The stretchy elastic waist, flexible wrist and elbow material is directly destined to be worn tightly. The bomber is becoming slimmer also, and finally there is a vibrant color palette to choose from, as maroon and military green are becoming the fading choices. It's not uncommon to see urban women wearing this kind of style, in the new streetwear fashion. It's amazing how the bomber hasn’t been replaced by another jacket altogether, but it's understandable as it's practical and has been made more feminine over the years.

The urban chick has gone through a slow transformation. Since the 90s and 2000s there have been many changes but now, the style is supremely confident and knows what works, and what doesn’t. Practical and having stood the test of time, if the urban style speaks to you, rest assured that you have every right to be confident in the revamped designs.



VIP Lounging at the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival

Those who love the art of VIP festival life, can dive into Grant Park Summer Shade’s VIP experience at this year’s festival on Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th.  

Presented by the Grant Park Conservancy, VIP festival goers can relax in a private tent, enjoy complimentary bites from Love, Eat, Local and The Shed at Glenwood, premium wines, Monday Night Brewing craft beer, and the Signature Summer Shade Cocktail served in a souvenir cup.  Guests can also enjoy private air-conditioned restrooms, misting stations, and lounge seating in addition to the 16th annual Grant Park Summer Shade Festival’s impressive lineup of live music, expansive artist market, diverse selection of local food trucks, Kids Zone and much more. 

 The Summer Shade VIP Lounge be will open on Saturday, August 25th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday, August 26th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Saturday VIP attendees will receive complimentary food and six drink tickets to redeem cocktails, beer and wine. Sunday VIP attendees will receive complimentary food and 5 drink tickets to redeem cocktails, beer and wine. Guests must be 21 or older to enter the VIP Lounge and a limited number of VIP tickets are available. VIP tickets start at $55 for Grant Park Conservancy members and $70 for non-members and are available for purchase at  All proceeds benefit the Grant Park Conservancy, a non-profit, membership-based organization committed to the restoration, beautification, and maintenance of historic Grant Park. 

An annual tradition for more than a decade, the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival presented by The Beacon Atlanta will welcome music and art lovers to Atlanta’s oldest park for two days of nonstop fun on Saturday, August 25, 2018 and Sunday, August 26, 2018.  For the most up to date information, visit



Ponyboy, a Great Pyrenees from Lithonia, is ready to hit the road from the driver’s seat of his retro Karmann Ghia. His favorite vacation destination: the beach, always the beach. Photo by Wendy Palmer.

Ponyboy, a Great Pyrenees from Lithonia, is ready to hit the road from the driver’s seat of his retro Karmann Ghia. His favorite vacation destination: the beach, always the beach. Photo by Wendy Palmer.

Pack a bag and prepare for a tail wag.  It’s easier than ever to take your pooch along on your vacation.

WHO’S A GOOD DOG? Your pup, of course. And as much you might love a getaway that promises a beach splash or mountain vista, it’s heart-tugging to leave fur family behind. Pleading puppy-dog eyes boring into your soul as you walk out the door with a suitcase are real, people.

America has some 85 million pet parents. Like Boomerang’s mom, they now have more spots that are dog- and, sometimes, cat-friendly. Photo: Wendy Palmer

America has some 85 million pet parents. Like Boomerang’s mom, they now have more spots that are dog- and, sometimes, cat-friendly. Photo: Wendy Palmer

We’ve got good news: Leave the guilt. Take the dog.

For animal lovers, two of the sweetest words around are “pets allowed.” It’s heard more and more often these days as businesses figure out how to cater to America’s 85 million pet parents.

Teen Vogue magazine this year offered a paid internship with only two duties: Travel with dogs, and post the photos on social media. Amtrak, which banned everything but service animals since its inception in 1971, recently dipped a toe — or paw, if you prefer — into the pet pool. Dogs and cats up to 20 pounds can now travel with owners on routes of seven hours or less.

If a road trip with your BFLF (best four-legged friend) sounds good, the Southeast has spots that let you roll right in.

Don’t chase your tail looking for destinations. We’ve done some digging for you. They’re arranged by vacation type (beach, mountain, hotel), then alphabetically by state.

Sea Spot run

Three Southern beaches get a paws up from Coastal Living magazine in its list of the seven “Best Dog-Friendly U.S. Beaches.” It mentions Jekyll Island, Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, and Fort DeSoto Paw Playground and Beach near St. Petersburg, Fla. We’ve added a few to that list, too, so read on.

ALABAMA: Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores (5.5 hours southwest of Atlanta) allows dogs in its campground ($24-$57) for free and in select cabins/cottages ($152-$364 nightly plus $15 Fido fee). Leashed dogs can sniff their way through a picnic area and 27 miles of trails. A fenced dog park with its own pond and agility course lets you leave the leash behind. No dogs permitted on Gulf Shores beaches, though. To do that, go 20 miles west to Fort Morgan near Mobile. Gulf Shores details: 800.252.7275 or

Even though dogs aren’t allowed on Tybee Island’s beaches, they can take to the water. Photo: Gavin Edmondstone

Even though dogs aren’t allowed on Tybee Island’s beaches, they can take to the water. Photo: Gavin Edmondstone

FLORIDA: Fort DeSoto Paw Playground and Beach (6.5 hours south of Atlanta) is near Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater but tucked away in nature. It’s attached to Fort DeSoto Park, twice named America’s Best Beach by TripAdvisor. You and Rover can camp together and romp in the waves. He can make friends in fenced areas where size matters — little pups and big dogs each get a designated yard. Details HERE or at 727.852.2267.

If you want to play but not stay at the park, go 11 miles north to Madeira Beach (“Mad Beach” to locals) and get comfy in a pet-friendly condo or cottage (about $100 nightly). Dogs aren’t allowed on Madeira Beach, but it’s between Fort DeSoto and dog-friendly Honeymoon Island, 23 miles to the north. Madeira details HERE; Honeymoon Island details HERE.

GEORGIA: Jekyll Island and nearby St. Simons (about 5 hours southeast of Atlanta) let dogs on beaches with a few restrictions. St. Simons’ East Beach prohibits pets from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. all summer. They’re OK on or off leash for early-morning and evening walkies.

Jekyll’s beaches, long known as a bring-your-pup paradise, welcome leashed dogs all year long. Choose from dozens of lodging choices, including the Westin Jekyll Island  ($222 nightly) and the Hampton Inn & Suites Jekyll Island ($152 nightly plus $75 pet deposit). Details:

At Edisto Island in South Carolina, canines can go kayaking. Photo: Frank DiBona

At Edisto Island in South Carolina, canines can go kayaking. Photo: Frank DiBona

Dogs are strictly prohibited on Tybee Island beaches (fines are a yowl-inducing $290 plus court costs), but congenial canines can cruise with you aboard Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours ($8-$18).

Spend the night with your mutt at the Atlantis Inn Tybee Island ($89 and up nightly for pets up to 15 pounds) and the Dunes Inn & Suites Tybee Island ($100 and up). Both charge $25 per pet per night. The Sandcastle Inn ($114 and up) allows dogs of any size for a $25 one-time fee. It also has Tybee’s only saltwater swimming pool. For humans.

Despite beach restrictions, Tybee (18 miles from Savannah and four-plus hours southeast of Atlanta) is a pleasant place for pet people. It’s laid-back, family-friendly, not overdeveloped, the eclectic neighborhoods are fun to walk and bike, and you’ll find gorgeous marshland views. Tybee details:

SOUTH CAROLINA: Drive the doggo to Hunting Island State Park (about 4.5 hours southeast of Atlanta) for a low-country vacation on a semitropical island. Camp here and walk or run 5 miles of beaches. If your pooch prefers not to “ruff it,” stay in Beaufort, 20 miles away. The boutique City Loft Hotel ($170 and up) charges $22 nightly for dogs up to 80 pounds. The Cuthbert House Inn ($190-$290 nightly), an antebellum mansion turned bed-and-breakfast, charges a one-time pet fee of $50. Hunting Island details at 843.838.2011; Beaufort details HERE or at  843.525.8500.

Charleston was voted “Best City for Pet Travelers 2016” by readers of, nosing out Florida’s Port St. Joe, the previous winner. On popular Edisto Island (30 miles north of Charleston, 5.5 hours from Atlanta), dogs must be leashed on the beach May through October; it’s your call whether to tether the other months. Charleston details HERE; Edisto details HERE.

Pups and peaks

If dogs could, they’d give mountain adventures two thumbs up. It’s often cooler than sea level for those with a fur coat, with plenty of room to roam. North Georgia offers lakes, waterfalls and hours of hiking (including 76 miles of the Appalachian Trail). Take a picnic, and don’t forget to allow time for sniffing every little thing of interest.

At Barking Fox Farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, your pooch can rub noses with the horsey set. Photo: TripAdvisor

At Barking Fox Farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, your pooch can rub noses with the horsey set. Photo: TripAdvisor

GEORGIA: The Last Resort in Blue Ridge (93 miles north of Atlanta, $125-$200 nightly) allows pets in most mountain cabins for $10. For humans, every cabin has a hot tub. For fishing fans, there’s a lake full of trout. Ellijay and B.J. Reece Orchards are 16 miles away. Let Fido help you pick whatever’s in season and sample goodies from the bakery.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Barking Fox Farm, a 43-acre horse farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains (3 hours north of Atlanta) offers two guest cottages. One has a deck overlooking the pasture; both have whirlpool tubs and full kitchens. Four-footed travelers are greeted with biscuits and a cushy pet bed. Details: 864.457.7300.

Sit, stay

More and more chain hotels are accepting pets, including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, LaQuinta and Kimpton Hotels. Kimpton is so welcoming, in fact, it’ll offer you a fish for your room if you arrive without a four-legged friend.

Bottom line: Don’t forget to pack your pup. Photo: Tim Mossholder

Bottom line: Don’t forget to pack your pup. Photo: Tim Mossholder

At Loews Hotels, VIP means “Very Important Pet.” The national chain introduced the first pet guest program 18 years ago with its “Loews Loves Pets.” Amenities rival perks for humans and include a room-service menu for dogs and cats; food prepared on-site by the hotel’s culinary team; pet beds and  litter boxes; mapped dog-walking routes; and list of dog-friendly eateries.

If your fur-child stares at you expectantly because there’s no rawhide bone or scratching post nearby, those are available, too. Loews allows up to two pets per room. Expect a one-time fee of about $75 at properties in Atlanta, Nashville or Orlando. You even get a “Pet in Room” sign for your door so everyone knows that’s not you snoring. Details:

The tail end

Run to (or get the app) to find more than 200,000 pet-welcoming places to stay, dog parks and more. Likewise

Take your dog on vacation. Loyalty should be rewarded.


adidas Running launches brand-new PureBOOST GO, created specifically for thrilling city running

adidas running

After introducing a limited release black and white colorway in early July, adidas Running now presents PureBOOST GO – a silhouette created especially for the street runner. Designed for changing directions, the highly adaptive shoe offers a running experience that’s both thrilling and accessible for all.

The PureBOOST GO features a brand-new Expanded Landing Zone - a wider forefoot platform for increased forefoot stability during multi-directional movements. A deconstructed circular knit upper, crafted from a breathable fabric, improves flexibility and freedom of movement with each step. The full-length BOOST midsole, adidas’ industry-defining technology, offers runners endless energy return.

Captain of adidas Runners New York City Kwasi Kessie said: “For me, there’s nothing more thrilling than running the streets through my city. It’s exciting because it’s raw and unpredictable and discovering the city in this way is totally unique. adidas’ PureBOOST Go is the right shoe for city running, it means I can change direction and adapt to anything the city throws at me.”

The PureBOOST Go was first introduced in a limited release black and white colorway on July 6, followed by an exclusive US edition in white with grey detailing on July 19. The hero colorway of adidas PureBOOST Go in charcoal will be available to purchase globally on on August 22 and in stores on August 29.

To find out more, please visit: