Operation Colombia for your taste buds at The Consulate Atlanta

The Consulate Atlanta travels the globe every ninety days to create authentic, international dishes to entice and seduce the adventurer's palate. Their stop this time is Colombia, following a very successful tour through Ethiopia, which was preceded by Cuba, Guam, Brazil, Russia and Denmark. The mid-century styled restaurant offers a staple menu as well, that includes grilled octopus in a sweet mango chili sauce, Korean Pulled Duck Confit and Pan Seared scallops, just to name a few.

Executive Chef Lin has once again, curated a menu of delicious traditional dishes, some which feature a modern, re-constructed twist which has become a signature trademark approach for The Consulate Atlanta. The Colombian menu, with its Ajiaco soup, Arroz con Pollo and Posta Negra does not disappoint. The menu offers a feast for your taste buds that pair excellently with their Colombian inspired specialty crafted cocktails.

The globe was spun and a new destination was chosen on January 5th - secure your visas because in three months, The Consulate Atlanta will be jet-setting to India! BUT for now, make sure and visit them for a mouthwatering taste of Colombia.

Here is a glance at their MENU: 


Ensalada de Frijol y Maiz  (Bean & Corn Salad)   7
black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, white beans, chick peas, fresh cilantro, red and green pepper,  scallions, light vinaigrette


Sweet Plantains   7       mojo mint garlic sauce

Chef Lin’s Empanadas           
 Teriyaki ground Beef   (2)      12        
onion, red pepper, sesame seeds, scallions        
V - Teriyaki Trio Mushroom   (2)     10      
 (white button mushrooms,  Oyster mushrooms, Bunapi mushrooms)        
Empanada Duo   11
1 beef, 1 mushroom

ATL  Arepa    10          
Avocado, Tomato, Artisan Lettuce,  Quesito Colombiano

BLT Arepa    12
Hickory Smoked Thickcut Bacon, artisan Lettuce, Tomato, Quesito Colombiano

Ajiaco   14    ( Chicken and Potato Soup )
pulled chicken breast, red and purple potatoes, corn, guascas, avacado, capers.

Arroz Con Pollo   22
beer marinated, Springer Farms chicken quarter, jasmine rice, carrots, red and green peppers, corn, onions, cilantro, ginger.

Posta Negra    23
14 hour marinade Eyeround Beef, Worchestershire Coca Cola Sauce