Hot jewelry Trends Inspired By The Royal Wedding

royal wedding jewelry

The eyes of the world were trained on Windsor last weekend, as actress Megan Markle and HRH Prince got hitched in a fantastically romantic ceremony that brought a lump to the throat of even the most hard-hearted. With a posse of glamorous and groomed young royals now stealing the limelight – and headlines around the world – Meghan is now more a trendsetter than ever. The effect that she, the Duchess of Cambridge and the little Princes and Princess have on product sales is significant, with both making instant sell-outs of items they are pictured in. Small British company Strathberry, makers of luxury bags saw their waiting list jump to 3,000 for a bag Meghan was pictured carrying during one of her post-engagement appearances in Nottingham. So what trends are emerging in the wake of the royal wedding?

Luxurious Drop Earrings

Sculptural earrings were all over the guest list at the royal wedding, as statement ear candy makes its comeback from 80s style Siberia to be a key accessory for summer 2018. The Robinson Pelham diamond tsar earrings sported by Pippa Middleton last week epitomize this trend, while the dramatic pear diamond drops worn by Amal Clooney also shone. Pearls were also a key trend at the wedding, with the somewhat fusty image they’ve had being shaken off with the wearing of dramatic, oversized pearl drop earrings. New designs mix pearls with rose gold and contain just enough punk edge to look modern while still nodding daintily to the heritage vibe. Even the Her Majesty the Queen, the original wearer of pearls, sported a slightly oversized drop pair for the big day.

Stacked Items

Meghan’s signature style when it comes to jewelry has always been to combine and stack multiple pieces, sometimes mixing metals, which gives a high-end boho twist to her tailored couture outfits and perhaps expresses a bit of her self-confessed free-spirited hippy vibes under the modest and formal style of a new member of the royal family. Steal this look with stacking rings, an arm party full of bangles in gold and silver, delicate layered necklaces and earrings featuring climbers and jackets that almost give the appearance of multiple piercings. Stella and Dot is especially good to get this on trend look. While bar necklaces and circular pendants from Daisy London are also ones the new Duchess of Sussex would definitely rock.

A Story of Origins

While the debate about ethically-sourced diamonds is certainly not a new one, the fact of Meghan’s ring containing a centre stone originating from Botswana, where the couple have holidayed in the past, casts a whole new spotlight on the topic, bringing the issue of sustainability in fine jewelry to the front and centre, and making political topics more about a couple’s personal values. The incorporation of heritage stones from jewelry previously belonging to Harry’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales will similarly inspire couples getting engaged to think outside the box when it comes to repurposing family mementoes. Use a supplier such as to source the most perfect fit for your story.



Style Tips For Those On A Shoestring Budget


You have gazed adoringly at the models wearing the latest fashions on the catwalk. You have browsed through the latest clothing magazines and websites. You have walked past the high-end boutiques on the high street. You have done all of these things, and there is one nagging thought running through your mind. I CAN’T AFFORD IT! With frustration, you return to your dated wardrobe collection and sigh. If only you had the money to replenish your tired old wardrobe with something different to the clothes that have now become your (unwanted) trademark. If only you had the money to reinvent your look, instead of wearing the same outfits day in and day out. If only…

Thankfully, it’s not impossible. You don’t need to rob a bank or start a new career in modeling just to give you the opportunity to jazz up your style. It’s possible to do it within your limited budget, and we are here to tell you how with our creative and thrifty ideas.

  • You can find designer steals online, those hidden recesses of the internet where buying into the latest fashion doesn’t have to eat into your rent money. From flash sales to retail outlets who markdown popular brands, check out our tips here to treat yourself to something new today.

  • Visit a professional tailor, those special people on your high street who can turn a cheap or used garment into something that more closely resembles the fashion you are looking for. Using pictures from your favorite magazine or website, give the tailor an idea of what it is you’re looking for, and with a few quick stitches here and there, you may just get something fashionable without having to pay out a small fortune to achieve that desired look.

  • Don’t overlook thrift stores, as you may find something that looks good at dirt-cheap prices. Don’t worry about the slightly-used look either, as any damages can easily be rectified. A dry cleaner will deal with any stains, the tailor can repair loose stitching, and you may be able to replace such things as zips and buttons (read more here for some useful advice) yourself. Before long, you will have something that will look brand new to the people you are trying to impress, even though you know it isn’t. Cheeky!

  • Set up a clothes swap evening with your friends (especially if you have any rich mates), and model each other’s outfits before swapping them with each other. It doesn’t have to be a permanent swap, either, as you could continually exchange clothes with each other during the year so you all have something different to wear at the extravagant soirees that are part of your social calendar.

  • Clean out your tired wardrobe, and sell anything that you no longer intend on wearing. These fashion apps feature daily-curated showrooms where you can not only sell your outfits but where you can also pick up a few new garments as well. After all, you’re not the only person in town trying to change up your style and fashion.

  • Accessorize your look, rather than always going for a brand new outfit to keep you in line with current fashion trends. A signature ribbon in your hair can complement an existing item of clothing, as can a bold new handbag, a pair of cool sunglasses, or a statement necklace. These accessories can bring life to boring old garments, without you having to break the bank to refresh your tired wardrobe. Check out these ideas for other ways you can accessorize previously dull and worn outfits, glamming up your style on your limited budget.



  • Don’t follow fashion, as you can guarantee there will be a brand new look before the year is out. Instead, form your own signature style, buying those clothes that are stylish, but not necessarily part of the latest trend. It doesn’t matter what other people think; as long as you like the way the clothing looks and feels, that counts more than the snobbish perception of others. Who knows, you may become a trendsetter yourself, mixing and matching a look that soon becomes the talk of the town.

  • Don’t be lured into buying something you are rarely going to wear. Even those designer items on sale are pointless if you are only going to wear them once and then never touch them again. As we mentioned above, don’t be a follower of fashion, especially if it’s for the sake of keeping up with trends rather than actually liking them. Always buy outfits you know you are going to make use of, and you will save yourself money by curbing that temptation to buy something in line with what everybody else is currently wearing.

  • Head to the men’s department at your local clothing store. In this gender-neutral age, you will be able to pick something up cheaply because of one simple fact: men (in general) are less inclined to shop for clothes on a regular basis, so stores will lure them in with more affordable clothing. Head over to Stylecaster for an idea of what to buy, giving yourself a completely new look, as well as picking up a few tips for dressing the man in your life as well.

  • Sign up for a rewards program at your favorite online or high-street store. Provided you bless them with your custom at some point during your membership, they will regularly offer you discounts on other items for sale, by emailing or texting you with news of their special offers. Be sure to sign up for their email distribution list anyway, as even if there is no reward program available, you will still be kept up to date with the latest offers and sales as they happen.

As you can see, it is possible to dress stylishly regardless of budget, whether you care about fashion or couldn’t give two hoots about the latest trends. Be yourself, enjoy what you wear, and continue saving money when you’re looking to refresh your look. Let us know if you have any further tips for our readers. Thanks for reading!


Exclusive Interview with Best-selling Author Dan Tito Davis

gringo dan tito davis

A real-life memoir "Gringo:

My Life on the Edge as an

International Fugitive"

The Drug Game From The Inside: Dan "Tito" Davis comes from a town in South Dakota that's so small everyone knows their neighbor's cat's name. But once he got out, he made some noise. While at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, he started manufacturing White Crosses, aka speed, and soon had the Banditos Motorcycle Club distributing ten million pills a week.

Life On The Run: After serving a nickel, he got into the weed game, but just when he got going, he was set up by a childhood friend. Facing thirty years, Davis slipped into Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish, which began a thirteen-year odyssey that led him to an underground hideout for a Medellin cartel, through the jungles of the Darien Gap, the middle of Mumbai's madness, and much more.

The Ultimate Fugitive Story: Tito didn’t have a mega-mansion filled with pretty girls and expensive cars. He survived in the Third World facing adversity at every turn. Millions of dollars came and went as Tito stayed one step ahead of the Feds and the Federales.


A Must Read Provocative Page Turner! Buy TODAY -


Your story is remarkable. On your travels, prior to getting arrested what where some of the places that you saw yourself traveling to and why?

I was forced to do this. I was setup on a crime I didn't commit. I was going to do life for something I had nothing to do with. It was because of my prior record. Prior to getting arrested, I was thinking like every other typical American. You go on vacation... you go back home. When you go on a permanent vacation and need to create a new home, you are doing reverse immigration. You need papers and I didn't even have a name. You need a name to get started. You need an ID . Once you're in a country for a few weeks or a couple months depending on where you are, you can't legally work. It's the same problems that Latinos or other immigrants face
here in the states. When I was out traveling as a tourist, I never thought about that.
But when you're a fugitive, everything is about ID. You can't do anything, even entering a school. My first ID was under the name Jeff as a student actually since it was the easiest one to get.

Fast forward to the day of the arrest. How did it all go down? Was it something like the movies where you get surrounded and where do you feel there is so much fascination with crime stories these days.

I was kidnapped, I was not arrested. I was walking through the restaurant in my resort in Venezuela with one of my buddies. The place was sold out and I was trying to get him accommodations at another hotel. I looked out and saw some large guys with slacks sitting at the tables. Not exactly dressed for the beach. Then I saw three suburbans with dark tinted windows which was the same vehicle that the undercover Federalis used down there. I knew when I saw this it wasn't going to be good. I walked outside and these guys got up and grabbed me, wrestled me down with pistols to my back and threw a black bag over my head. They tossed me in the back of one of the suburbans and we went for a wild ride. I never saw a judge or pled my
case in front of jury, I was just shipped back to the U.S. Within a few days I ended up in a jail cell back in Miami. It hasn't been the same since. When you're actually out there, it's not like the movies. Your heart hits an indescribable pain. I didn't see the sun for months, my hair turned white, and I was using a soggy toilet paper roll as a pillow.

Your book 'Gringo' is an international bestseller. Why do you feel the public as such a fascination with your story and the experiences you have faced on your journey?

My book Gringo went wild when the ebook came out. When the print book came out we got a lot of good reviews but when ebook came out it went #1 on Amazon in several categories. I think the reason the public is fascinated by the story is because most people haven't lived it. I've done things that almost nobody else has. I was a white midwesterner surviving on my wits after being forced out of my home country.

I did a quick check I saw that there is movie titled Gringo. I kind of feel that it’s a quick rendition and yours is the real deal, but from your own words what’s the difference?

If I didn't run I was going to be doing life in prison. I got my "get out of jail free card" once and I wasn't going to mess it up. I didn't drink, I didn't do drugs and I didn't break the law. I took it very seriously. I enrolled in several universities in Latin America where I studied languages and business trying to get contacts for a new life. I was fortunate enough to have funds to get me through it. Interestingly enough, I was fully self-rehabilitated while I was on the run. It was a wild journey. When you leave the country with only your wits you can do a million things right but one thing wrong and you're screwed. The book is only about 300 pages but the manuscript I
wrote in prison was about 800 pages. It's scary and lonely being on the run. For example, if someone is speaking English I would immediately turn and go the other way. You try to avoid anyone who is breaking the law and could put your freedom in danger regardless of your personal connection to them. Like when I was living with the cartel in Medellin, they were my friends but I knew their lifestyle was putting my freedom in danger. It was constantly spooky.

Obviously in prison, orange is the new black. Being locked up for 20+ years is no small task. I am sure that fashion trends have changed over the years, what was the biggest shock for you when you finally got out and walked the streets of life to see people again and their fashion tastes.

As far as fashion trends people seem to be way more out of shape. Back then it seemed like 200 pounds was big, now it's 300 pounds. Everything also seems much more casual. You don't see suits anymore. When I was on the prison bus leaving the FCC in Miami, I was looking out of the window and saw much bigger, more casually dressed people. Everyone is dressed for comfort these days and that aspect seems like a switch for the best in my opinion.

Bonus Question: I see from your Instagram that you are traveling the world on a book tour. What's that experience like and tell us how you got into the travel business? Lets face it, some of the places you are visiting aren't necessarily hot travel destinations, its almost as if we are watching a season of Anthony Bourdain.

I've been on a world book tour after my book hit #1 on Amazon. I went around the world in 53 days and met a lot of interesting people like the Dalai Lama. Originally, I went to the hot cities like New York City, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. But I preferred going off the beaten path and away from where most people go. Everyone has gone on the mainstream routes. I thought I would garner more interest in places where nobody goes. I wanted to hit the spots less traveled and get some culture shock while promoting my book. I enjoy being off the beaten path and having new
experiences. I enjoy seeing different cultures and not just doing "canned tourism."

For example, when I was in Nicaragua I did some volcano surfing where I met a writer named Morgan who introduced me to the Young Pioneer Tours. I found out about their Pilipino Crucifixion tour and I decided to sign up for it. The founder of that company, Gaz, was leading the tour and we hit it off. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately went off to their Unrecognized Countries tour which I am on right now. It's been amazing. I love traveling so the second the federal judge let me off parole, I immediately went to the passport office so I could travel the world legally, this was the first time I could get a US Passport in my own name in 33 years!! I went to Mexico to get my teeth fixed then off to Cuba. I love hitting the places on the fringe
and I think they're more intriguing for the people who follow me on social media and
my new travel blog at


How to Find Designer Steals Online


Do you really have to be rich to wear high-quality designer pieces? The short answer is, sometimes. Undeniably, you’re not going to prioritize getting your hands on the latest fashion items when you’re still saving up for next month’s rent - yet, it’s nice to know that the Internet is home to a few corners of incredibly marked down treasures.

It’s how the average fashionista manages to continue with their hobby without spending all their savings and it’s how you’re going to up your wardrobe and feel fantastic without breaking the bank as well. Here is a much-needed guide to the hidden designer outlets and how you, I and anyone in between who has already paid their rent this month can treat themselves.

First: The shopping mindset

Before we get cracking, it’s important to do a quick recap on not only how and where you should shop - but also how you should think when shopping. If you find something that is a bit pricier than you originally had in mind, yet oh-so-perfect, you’d want to make sure you’re going to wear it a lot.

We’re talking seasonal coats that will work during spring as well as autumn, a classic dress you might wear to the next work event as well as your mother-in-law’s birthday, a leather bag you’ll take with you everywhere, you get the picture. It needs to mean something to you, be worn with love and preferably passed on to your children and grandchildren.

The Internet: Find Outlets

The easiest and least energy-consuming way of shopping is, of course, to go online. As everyone seems to prefer this method, it’s starting to get a bit confusing out there and shopping sites have reached a number that few of us are able to search through in one sitting. So let’s break it down for you; Net-a-Porter and The Outnet are most fashionistas go-to sites for designer pieces that have been marked down.

Yet, there are more hidden gems out there than these. Saks Off 5th Avenue and 6PM feature marked down designer clothes and, if you pop by once in a while, you’ll be able to take home a proper bargain. If you are looking for something specific, it might be a good idea to go straight to an outlet that features the brand you want; check out these Air Jordan 1, for example, and you’ll know what we mean.

Look for flash sales

Even when you’ve found your ultimate shopping site, you may not have found the prices you had in mind. That’s why some sites specialize in flash sales; the kind you often have to sign up for and that will continue to send you annoying emails.

Nonetheless, it is the price we have to pay (at least a part of it) for high-quality clothes at a low price. Keep an eye on sites like ideeli, Gilt and HauteLook for great discounted deals as well as occasional flash sales.

When you’ve become used to paying the same for a skirt from Marc Jacobs as you would pay for one from Topshop, it’s easy to see why discounted designer clothes can be so addictive.



  ABOVE: The Battle of Savannah fought in miniature at the  Savannah History Museum .

ABOVE: The Battle of Savannah fought in miniature at the Savannah History Museum.

Follow a trail of ‘Hamilton’-inspired independence-seekers

and unearth history’s mysteries at these Revolutionary and

Civil War sites.

THE ECHOES OF WAR in Georgia aren’t hard to hear if you know where to listen. The state was pivotal in the two most intense wars fought inside the United States — the American Revolution and the Civil War. Although almost 100 years apart, the footsteps of battalions from both conflicts crisscross everything from Georgia’s forested foothills to the streets of Savannah.

[Read more: How Hamilton became a theatrical revolution]

Georgia, named for King George II and founded in 1733, was one of 13 original Colonies. In 1788, it became the fourth state admitted to the newly minted Union. Some 73 years later, it became a major player in the Civil War, seceding from the Union with 10 like-minded states.

More than a century has passed, but the hopes and hostilities of Georgia’s war history have not gone with the wind. Arm yourself with knowledge at these sites. 

Kettle Creek Battlefield | Less than 2 hours by car

Depending on who you ask, the 1779 Battle of Kettle Creek was either a minor backwoods skirmish or a big Revolutionary War win. Not under debate: That it was the only conflict in Georgia where the home team — the patriots — triumphed.

 REVOLUTIONARY WAR: The white crosses designate graves from the Battle of Kettle Creek near modern-day Washington, Ga.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR: The white crosses designate graves from the Battle of Kettle Creek near modern-day Washington, Ga.

Savannah had fallen two months earlier. In this clash between 600 British loyalists and 340 patriots, the Americans trounced all the king’s men, much to the dismay of the British, who thought they’d handily roll over the region.

FUN FACT: This battle took place near what became Washington, Ga., the first town in the country named for the first president, George Washington.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND: A picnic area atop War Hill, hiking trails and historical markers. Eight miles east, on the square in Washington, stands a monument dedicated to African-Americans who fought for the Colonies.

CIVIL WAR CONNECTION: There’s a legend of Confederate gold buried near Washington, worth $100,000 when stolen and hidden in 1865 (about $2 million today). Tales persist of people finding old coins near Chennault Plantation in neighboring Lincoln County, but the bulk of the booty (according to a deathbed confession from a lighthouse keeper in the 1890s) was sent north by rail and for a time lay concealed on the bottom of Lake Michigan. The History Channel recently aired a documentary series titled “The Curse of the Civil War Gold” about a nationwide hunt for this lost Georgia treasure.

 Savannah | 3-4 hours by car

Georgia’s oldest city was the Colonial capital during the Revolution and an area of almost constant conflict. It was taken by the British in 1779 and remained in its control until the end of the war.

 REVOLUTIONARY WAR: Artifacts at the Savannah History Museum.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR: Artifacts at the Savannah History Museum.

The Savannah History Museum (912.651.6825) highlights the American Revolution, partly due to Battlefield Memorial Park next door and nearby Old Fort Jackson     (912.232.3945), Georgia’s longest-standing brick fort.

The Battle of Savannah’s armies included soldiers from modern-day Haiti and five European countries. African-Americans and Native Americans also fought in the conflict, one of the costliest for those bent on independence. The Coastal Heritage Society has unearthed evidence of this battle, including trenches and fortifications.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND: Weapons and military uniforms among 10,000 artifacts that stretch from Savannah’s start as a city through the Revolutionary War and beyond. All are housed in an 1800s railroad building. 

Loyalists and Liberty programs happen Thursday-Sunday with re-enactments (participate if you wish) and musket-firing demonstrations (stand back and watch). Costumed interpreters fire cannons at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily at Old Fort Jackson using vintage artillery. 

Fort Morris | About 4 hours by car

 REVOLUTIONARY WAR: A historical marker at Fort Morris in Midway, Ga., 40 miles from Savannah.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR: A historical marker at Fort Morris in Midway, Ga., 40 miles from Savannah.

At Fort Morris (912.884.5999) in the city of Midway, 40 miles south of Savannah, 200 patriots defended a growing Revolutionary War seaport. British forces demanded the fort’s surrender in 1778, but Georgia-born Col. John McIntosh refused, famously issuing the challenge, “Come and take it!” The British withdrew but regrouped, returned and captured the fort a few months later.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND: A campground, picnic area, visitor center and earthwork on 67 acres with a tranquil view of St. Catherines Sound at St. Catherines Island, one of Georgia’s Golden Isles.

FUN FACT: A population of free-ranging lemurs lives on St. Catherines Island, the only such group outside Madagascar.


Andersonville | Less than 2.5 hours by car

 CIVIL WAR: This memorial at Andersonville Cemetery commemorates those who suffered and those who died.

CIVIL WAR: This memorial at Andersonville Cemetery commemorates those who suffered and those who died.

Camp Sumter, under the command of Capt. Henry Wirz, is best known as the infamous Andersonville Prison. It held Union soldiers in squalid conditions during the final year of the Civil War.

The POW camp, built to house 10,000 men, held more than 33,000, many of them wounded. With little food and inadequate shelter, almost 13,000 died, often 100 men a day.

Wirz was later tried and executed for war crimes. Graphic photos of starving survivors, published in newspapers after the war, shocked the American public.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND: The prison, a cemetery and the National Prisoner of War Museum, all on a 514-acre site in Andersonville in modern-day Sumter County. 


National Civil War Naval Museum | 2 hours by car

Follow the battle at sea at this Columbus site. Military vessels (some brought up from the ocean floor) are housed in a 40,000-sq. ft. facility along with what’s described as the nation’s largest collection of Civil War-era naval flags from ships and forts, including signal flags and admiral’s pennants.

 CIVIL WAR: The CSS Jackson, one of the biggest ironclads built in the South, now docks at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus.

CIVIL WAR: The CSS Jackson, one of the biggest ironclads built in the South, now docks at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus.

The National Civil War Naval Museum (706.327.9798) recently obtained an artifact known as a passbox, for a IX-inch Dahlgren gun, a muzzle-loading cannon. A sailor dubbed the “powder monkey” would carry the passbox from the ship’s hold, where gunpowder was stored, to the artillery crew, thus minimizing the risk of fires and unintended explosions.

 Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield | Metro Atlanta

 CIVIL WAR: Artifacts and memories at Kennesaw Mountain Museum.

CIVIL WAR: Artifacts and memories at Kennesaw Mountain Museum.

This 2,965-acre park preserves a Civil War battlefield from the Atlanta Campaign. The first shot was fired near Chattanooga in May 1864. By June, Gen. William T. Sherman launched his frontal assault on Confederate troops at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. At stake was Atlanta, with its railroad hub and supply centers.

In a classic case of winning the battle but losing the war, Southern soldiers were victorious at Kennesaw but failed to halt Sherman’s advance. The Confederacy’s worst fears were realized when the general followed his troops to Atlanta and, on Nov. 15, 1864, ordered the city burned to the ground.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND: A museum, cannons, historical markers and nature trails. Hike to the top of the mountain (1,800-ft. elevation) or, on weekends, take the shuttle bus that runs every 30 minutes. Details: 770.427.4686.


 Cyclorama | Atlanta

Come inside for the view. The Cyclorama, a massive 6-ton cylindrical painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta, was finished in 1886 and, in 2017, moved from its longtime Grant Park location to the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead (404.814.4031).

The 374-ft. diorama is in the midst of a multimillion-dollar restoration and expected to reopen to the public in the fall. Private, pre-opening tours are available Saturdays. 


CIVIL WAR: The 374-ft. Cyclorama, depicting the storied Battle of Atlanta, undergoes restoration before its fall unveiling at the Atlanta History Center.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT | May-June 2018

 TOP: Some of the scenery at New Realm Brewing Co., where you’ll find elevated eats and craft beer near the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine. Photos: David Danzig.

TOP: Some of the scenery at New Realm Brewing Co., where you’ll find elevated eats and craft beer near the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine. Photos: David Danzig.

Restored landmarks, brews on the BeltLine, Lao street

food and Houston’s, we have a problem.

THIS EDITION of our bimonthly dining column catches you up on projects coming to Midtown, Spaghetti Junction, Buckhead and the Atlanta BeltLine, and leaving East Cobb and, again, Buckhead.

Well done

Despite a dearth of historic structures in Atlanta, a few 20th-century icons still hide in plain sight. Midtown’s “Castle,” a six-level, 1910-era mansion, is one such survivor that is now home to the all-new ROSE + RYE. After an interior architectural makeover, the space feels modern and elegant.

Rose + Rye’s one-sheet menu stays in the epicurean fairway with American cuisine that has a slight Southern flair. Steak tartare, chilled yellowfin tuna, pork tenderloin and a buttery-soft filet mignon are among the confidently executed dishes. And with a name that includes the word “rye,” you can imagine which way the excellent cocktails lean. Think of Rose + Rye as a good jumping-off point for a show or concert at the Fox Theatre, the Woodruff Arts Center or the High Museum of Art.


SNACK BOXE BISTRO, new to the Spaghetti Junction area, puts a modern spin on Lao street food — the sort of dishes you’d buy on city streets from a stall or food cart. Try the sticky rice, an extremely dense and rich rice that comes in a bag. You eat it with your fingers and dip it in sauces like a sweet roasted pepper or chili lime fish. Other standouts include the chicken larb (pronounced LOB), the Nam Kha and the lemongrass ribs. We Westerners will love Snack Boxe Bistro for its English menu, simplicity, cleanliness and prices. Not a single dish tops $10, an absolute steal for food of this quality.

NEW REALM BREWING CO. has to be one of the most exciting openings on the Atlanta BeltLine. The 20,000-sq. ft. colossus of a brewery and full-service restaurant is on the Eastside Trail and shares a building with Two Urban Licks, which was cool before we’d even heard the term “beltline.” New Realm’s second-story, indoor/outdoor terrace commands an impressive perch with views of the BeltLine’s concrete ribbon, Ponce City Market and the Midtown skyline.

 The Spanish-style tomato-braised pork meatballs at New Realm. Photo: David Danzig

The Spanish-style tomato-braised pork meatballs at New Realm. Photo: David Danzig

Inside, the experience is genuine brewpub, where the smell of hops is in the air. The beer lineup includes pilsners, IPAs, pale ales and even a triple IPA, which boasts an alcohol content of 11.5 percent. Quaff your beverage of choice with elevated comfort food — Springer Mountain Farms beer-can chicken, Spanish-style tomato-braised pork meatballs, Korean pork buns, she-crab soup and wood-fired pizzas.


Ponce City Market’s iconic — and long-vacant — tower will become home to RFD SOCIAL, a new concept from Slater Hospitality, owners and operators of PCM’s rooftop Skyline Park and Nine Mile Station. The name comes from the 1920s radio show “Dinner Bell R.F.D.,” which was broadcast from the tower’s 11th floor. RFD Social will include the Parlour, a “re-energized” extension of the indoor lobby with a public bar area, and Roebuck Room, a special-events space that will hold up to 175 people.

 Kevin Gillespie

Kevin Gillespie

Kevin Gillespie, former “Top Chef” combatant and owner of Gunshow and Revival, will open COLD BEER, a 7,000-sq. ft. cocktail bar/beer garden near the BeltLine’s Old Fourth Ward section. Expect three patios, all facing the BeltLine and one on a rooftop. The beer garden spot plans a sizable dining room and bar.

Cold Beer will join a new Shake Shack and Hazel Jane’s Wine & Coffee in the Edge mixed-use development at Edgewood and DeKalb avenues. Construction should begin midyear, with an opening anticipated for mid-2019. Recent news of a renal cancer diagnosis for Gillespie, reportedly, will not slow the project. We wish him well — and the privacy he and his family have requested.

Say hello to happy news for Buckhead. Roswell’s popular LITTLE ALLEY STEAK is opening a second spot there, likely in early May. The new Little Alley moves into the space that once belonged to Emeril’s and AJA. Look for an oversized dining room; a 2,500-sq. ft. outdoor terrace with a full bar, lounge and dining patio; and more than 356 bourbons.


Much to the chagrin of its fans (and it had many), the HOUSTON’S on Lenox Road closed after 30 years and a high-profile boycott organized by rapper T.I. The two sides mended fences in early February (“We may now enjoy the spinach dip again!” T.I. tweeted), but allegations of racial profiling hurt the restaurant’s reputation. The spinach dip is still available at the Peachtree Road and Northside Parkway locations.

MUSS & TURNER’S in East Cobb closed less than a year after opening. In a press release, namesake Ryan Turner said the closure was due to location and a dining market less fertile than the eatery’s original location. The original Muss & Turner’s — and its secret alter ego, Eleanor’s — (check out the speakeasy’s walk-in refrigerator), continues to be a popular spot.

 Bob Amick

Bob Amick

Finally, wave and say bye-bye to  ONE MIDTOWN KITCHEN.

The restaurant was a millennium pioneer in the modern Atlanta dining scene but, after 16 years, founder Bob Amick decided to focus on his consulting business instead.

One Midtown’s slightly younger sibling, Two Urban Licks, and six other Concentrics-brand Atlanta restaurants, continue on.



Davio's Cooks for Charity, Headshots + Handshakes and Doggies + Daiquiris


Fashion, Food & Furry friend lovers - We have three fun, stylish and very delicious events for you to attend!

Atlanta influencer and Doggies on the Catwalk runway model, Chris Watkins, along with his friends at Davio's and the AC Hotel Buckhead, have created "Headshots + Handshakes," "Davio's Cooks for Charity" and "Doggies + Daiquiris," just for you and to benefit the Doggies Foundation.

 Headshots + Handshakes: Thursday, May 10,  6:30-9p at the AC Lounge.

This is a networking event and headshot party benefiting Doggies on the Catwalk. Come network and mingle with Atlanta professionals at AC Hotel Atlanta Buckhead for professional headshots for your LinkedIn, website, or business profile. Enjoy drink specials throughout the evening. Headshots are $50 made payable onsite as a tax-deductible donation benefiting Doggies on the Catwalk.

Next up: Davio's Cooks for Charity May 15th, 5-10p

We didn't know our boy Chris could throw down in the kitchen...

Chris teamed up with the awesome team at Davio's Atlanta to host Davio's Cooks for Charity event on May 15th. He helped put the smackdown on the evening's charity dish, Penne Pasta w/ Applewood-Smoked Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes, Walnuts, and Cream where 100% of the sales benefit Doggies on the Catwalk.

Chris will be hosting the night and wants to see you there! Make a reservation on OpenTable at the link provided or contact the restaurant at 404.844.4810.

Last but certainly not least:

Doggies + Daiquiris: Monday, May 21, 2018, 6-8p at the AC Patio.

This is a fundraising event benefiting Doggies on the Catwalk. Come learn about Doggies on the Catwalk and there benefactor Canine Assistants and meet the adorable service animals while enjoying doggie-themed daiquiris on the dog-friendly patio. Onsite donations benefit Doggies on the Catwalk.

So mark your calendars for these three fabulous events and support Chris Watkins and Doggies on the Catwalk! Bring a friend or two!