On the one hand, the House of Goossens, established in 1950 and a part of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art since 2005, with its gold and silver creations and artistic objects. On the other hand, Harumi Klossowska de Rola who creates exceptional works between fine jewelry and art objects. When the former decided to invite the latter to celebrate the new season, the result was a release of uniquely free creativity. They both deeply love expert know-how and hand crafting, are fascinated by the beauty of the deceptively irregular, and combined their talents to give birth to an original capsule collection focusing on 6 decorative items and their accompanying 6 jewels. 

What do they have in common? The presence of strong symbolic elements relating to three main themes. 

Case in point, on a box with two lids inlaid with baroque garnet, a decorative branch, a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a sautoir, we find a grenade (in several forms), a fruit that is sacred in all civilizations, synonymous with resurrection, fertility and life. 

The fig leaf, a symbol of generosity, adorns a small tray, a little dish named “three fig leaves” enlivened with a small caterpillar entirely pavé-set with brilliant cut stones, in old bronze metal. 

As for the mistletoe, a sacred plant that evokes immortality as well as prosperity, it covers a branch, a candlestick, earrings, a ring and a bracelet. All of which are in antique gold metal and baroque rock crystal beads. 

The focus is on beloved materials: rock crystal, antique gilded bronze, old gold and fine stones. Rock crystal and garnet give life to these creations. 


Hot For Your Home: 2018's Most Inspirational Interior Trends

The thrilling sequence of fashion weeks has got us planning outfits for months to come, but have you thought about what you’re going to style your home in 2018? If you have a love for fashion or an interest in interiors, here are some of 2018’s most inspirational trends to try at home.


Understated Industrial

After hitting the headlines a few years ago, the industrial trend is back with a bang in 2018.

This time around, adopt an understated, muted approach. Think stripped back brickwork and rustic beams paired with oversized bulbs with exposed filaments and sleek metal chairs. Keep the palette neutral with shades of white, beige and gray, and add splashes of vibrancy with houseplants.

This trend works for almost any room in the house and you can modify it to suit your individual taste. It’s a great look to work with if you’re planning to create a cool home office, a minimalist boudoir or an effortlessly trendy kitchen.

Color blocking

Color blocking is a trend we often see on the catwalks. This year, take inspiration from spring/summer lookbooks and channel this vibe in your home. Color blocking is a fantastic way to embrace and use color without going overboard, and it can produce incredibly chic looks. Opt for brighter, bolder shades in living rooms and kitchens and muted tones in bedrooms and bathrooms. Gray and yellow work brilliantly in reception rooms while pastels are an ideal choice for the bedroom. Look out for colored accessories to add splashes of intrigue to plain walls and choose shades that complement each other. You don’t have to spend a fortune overhauling an entire room to emanate Instagram images or glossy magazine shots. Browse gift cards online to save you money at home stores and look for affordable versions of popular designer accessories like candle holders, plant pots, and rugs. It’s also worth checking out vintage markets and auction sites. It is possible to create a very stylish look on a budget.

Colored kitchens

If you’re a fan of crisp, clean white cabinets, worktops and walls, look away now! 2018 is the year of the colored kitchen, and we’re not just talking beige or dove gray. This is a time to be audacious. Opt for violet, blue or green or go for a touch of opulence with colored marble tops. If you’re afraid of color or you’re not keen on redesigning the entire kitchen, it is possible to update the look of the room without splashing the cash or taking on a huge amount of work. Adding a bold shade to one wall can create a statement or you could lift muted walls with distinctive accessories. Learning to accessorize is a simple and affordable way of keeping up with the trends and ensuring your home always looks the part.

kitchen ideas fashionado


Pink was a big deal on the spring/summer catwalks in 2017, and this year, it’s making waves in the world of interior design. Bolder, brighter pinks were all the rage last year, and this season, it’s the turn of subtle, blush shades. Blush pink works perfectly with gray and white, and it’s an ideal choice for living spaces, bedrooms and modern home offices. Team pretty pink walls with rose gold or bronze accessories and add greenery to complete the look. Keep the flooring light and embrace natural materials, such as cotton and wood. This trend is perfect as we move into slightly warmer climes and the days start to get longer and lighter.


Modern florals

Florals make the cut every year, but this is such a diverse trend.

One year, we could be talking moody winter florals while the next we’re taking inspiration for our wallpaper from our grandma’s favorite knits.

For 2018, there’s a nod to old school, traditional florals, so don’t rush to cover up paper you assumed was dated just yet. Opt for a statement wall for a trendy living room or embrace a chintz-inspired vibe with printed linen, curtains and cushions in the bedroom.

This year’s palette is a little more adventurous than in years gone by, so look for patterns that feature pops of turquoise, yellow, pink or green.

Bringing the outside in

Many of us are taking more interest in the planet and the natural environment that surrounds our homes, and this is an interest that is reflected in interior trends. Maximize natural light, opt for natural materials and look to combine indoor and outdoor living. Make the most of views out onto gardens or parks, angle furniture towards windows and sliding doors and keep the decor light and fresh. You can channel this vibe in most rooms in your home, but perhaps the best place to bring the outside in is the kitchen, especially if your room backs onto an outdoor area. If you’ve got space, you could create a stunning seating area overlooking the yard using rattan sofas, bamboo rugs, towering plants and cotton-covered cushions. If it’s not quite warm enough for drinks with the doors open yet, you can add a cozy feel with oversized standing lanterns and throws draped over the backs of chairs. This trend is ideally suited to large, spacious homes, but it’s also a brilliant option for smaller spaces. With light walls and flooring, you can really open up the room and make it look a lot larger than it is. Hanging mirrors is another easy way to lighten up a bijou pad.

modern bedroom

There’s a constant buzz surrounding new season fashion trends, but have you thought about the kinds of styles and themes you’re going to embrace in your home in the coming months? Like fashion, interior looks come and go in the blink of an eye, but there’s always a diverse range of trends to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you like. If you’re on the lookout for ways to update and refresh your interiors without breaking the bank or devoting every spare minute to painting and decorating, hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration.


Prepping for Doggies on the Catwalk 2017

I walked into Nars, Les Copains, Tod's Theory, Monck Mason, Louboutin, Alice + Olivia, Canali, Planet Blue and Kit and Ace yesterday, Saturday April 8. I wasn't shopping but I was on a mission. But let's back this up first. [My] day started with a visit to doggie couture boutique Bark Fifth Ave. It's located in Buckhead and the showroom is a designer hotspot for all things canine. Owner, Ashley Daniele is walking in Doggies on the Catwalk and threw a "Pawty" to raise funds for Canine Assistants. She served "bark-tinis' for the pups and bubbles for her guests.

My partner, Alex Page, who is also waking in Doggies on the Catwalk and is its co-chair, was with me. From Bark Fifth Ave, Alex and I headed over to The Shops Buckhead. Our goal was to visit all the brands who've partner with me for the event. We perused the showrooms and there are some very fabulous clothes in all of them! Looking through it all gives me a better idea about the runway theme and line up.

It's going to be a great runway with 20+ models and over 40 looks! This is the biggest runway show to date for Doggies on the Catwalk. [And if I'm excited] YOU should be too! Tickets are selling fast and they are only $50. Buy them HERE and see you on May 6, 2017!


How Fashion Design and Store Interiors Come Together to Make You Buy

The world of fashion and design is in a constant state of flux. It moves at a lightening pace and it if you aren’t paying attention you could miss something amazing. There are tons of different ways that fashion inspires and ignites excitement and it is different for everyone.

One thing we can all agree on however is our love for luxury designers and the movers and shakers that turn vision and art into reality.

Fashion and Retail Interiors

You know how you feel when you step into your favorite designer’s flagship store location. Not only do you love the fashion but you probably love the way things are presented as well.

The CEOs and their respective design and marketing teams all know how important store layout and design is to overall brand aesthetic. They also know how it affects and drives retail sales and their bottom lines.

Most retailers spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars each year on teams of in-house visual merchandisers to ensure that their collections are being presented with the proper aesthetic, with attention to each new line or collection, and how to showcase the features and benefits of each garment to their customers and clients in a way that will maximize sales opportunities.

There are reasons why everything looks so beautifully presented when you enter your favorite retail establishments. Having amazing product is one piece of the puzzle, but having an irresistible presentation and store interior design is something else entirely.

Peter Marino is the world’s most sought after fashion architect and he has earned that name through flawless execution of store design for some of the toughest and talented designers and companies.

Everything that you see, feel, hear and experience when you walk into that luxury store location is purposeful and extremely planned. From the layout of the selling floor, to the lighting, interior design elements and how you are meant to move throughout the boutique, all play on your senses to make you fall in love even more.

Think about the emotional responses that you felt the last time you walked into your favorite store on Fifth Avenue. The entire experience is meant to be a sensory journey and in fashion design and architecture you need to nail it every single time.

Fashion Designers

Some of the world’s top fashion designers have developed their brands into all-encompassing lifestyle brands launching collections that include everything from ready to wear and accessories to home collection and interior design elements.

Designers are no longer creating only one classification of products to sell, but rather creating a full concept of lifestyle fashion that their faithful followers can display throughout all aspects of their lives.

Brands like Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Versace, and Armani have all been successful with opening their design repertoires to include everything from fine china to bed linen, offering their client full immersion in their worlds and a direct route into their client’s homes and hearts.


U T O P I A: Roche Bobois Atlanta x Mimi Plange x Horizons Atlanta

Roche Bobois, luxury furniture editor, and Mimi Plange, award-winning fashion designer, have joined together to present their artistic collaboration - “UTOPIA” -a large exhibition of Roche Bobois’ iconic Mah Jong sofa, as well as wall coverings and accessories, produced exclusively for the special event.

The one-of-a-kind pieces, upholstered with custom Mimi Plange fabrics and leathers, will be sold with proceeds benefiting Horizons Atlanta. Horizons is Atlanta’s leading advocate and provider of summer learning programs with plans to expand over the next several years with a suite of programs serving 2000 metro Atlanta students. 

Roche Bobois will offer a “Pop Up Shop” of fashion and home accessories designed by Plange, which will showcase a modern interpretation of ancient African design traditions. Pulling heavily from her own Ghanaian heritage, Plange will showcase a painted version of the iconic Kente Cloth, surreal animal pop art collages, and her own army of pastel Ashanti Dolls. For the highly anticipated collaboration, Plange partnered with the Ethical Fashion Initiative,a program of a UN agency called ITC that connects the fashion industry with artisans in Africa and Haiti.

With the belief that Culture, Art and Design share the same philosophy and inspiration, Roche Bobois is also pleased to lend their support to such an important fundraising event for a perfect cohesion of fashion and design. “UTOPIA” is set to receive a large array of attention on both a local and national level; all ticket sales and items sold during the event will support Horizons Atlanta.

UTOPIA is on September 22nd at Ponce City Market. TICKETS


Is There A Better Way to See the World than in Aspire Eyewear?

Is it time for a post-Labor Day sunglasses makeover? With most summer shades looking worse for wear at this point in the year, Aspire Eyewear wearers are seeing an evergreen difference in their frames choice. In addition to offering a “barely there” fit and feel with eyewear that is lighter and thinner, the product is also stronger, and more pliable than anything else on the market. Created with hypoallergenic SDN-4, this proprietary material also offers shape memory, is heat resistant, and will not fade in UV exposure, which means these frames look great and perform well for a very long time.

And since Aspire Eyewear frames will still be in such great shape, the brand recommends paying a visit to your local optician and giving your sunglasses a lens upgrade, instead. Below are some tips on lens options that can make your world a little brighter...

Brown Tone Improves light adaptation in bright and low light situations, gives greater sharpness and contrast.  (Recommended for Cycling, Running and Golf.)
Orange Tone has a high intensity color that enhances the surrounding terrain by highlighting the upper end of mi-range light. (Recommended for Cycling and Golf.)
Green Tone enables natural colors to “POP.”  (Recommended for Cycling, Golf and Boating.)
Grey Tone enhances natural vibrant colors while providing even management of light across the entire visible spectrum of light. (Recommended for Boating, Tennis and hiking.)

Aspire Eyewear shown above: "Anonymous" in Blue.