Prominent outerwear designer, Dawn Levy, has perfected the art of gift giving. No woman can turn down this sexy, warm outerwear line that is sure to give you an edge in the crowd. Levy brings her new-age feminine, functional and timeless craftsmanship to her signature lineup of puffer coats. A step ahead of the trend, Levy has produced coat after coat that keeps the simplistic puffer look without the bulky body. It’s a jacket that women of all ages can enjoy. In the DL2 line, a younger sister to the Dawn Levy line, budget is no longer an issue. DL2 has the same great look and feel with just a more affordable price range. Sleeker puffer coats are quickly popping up by every indie designer and these make the perfect gift with a much more luxurious appeal. All of Levy’s puffer coats are meant to provide the utmost warmth and comfort while accentuating every beautiful female curve. It is a must have for every modern woman who understands the need to dress warmly without sacrificing the opportunity to showcase her own physique. It’s an irresistible gift that will surely leave you in her good graces.

One of the puffers from the Dawn Levy line is an easy choice in gift giving; the Sly is a layered coat that keeps her figure slim and warm without a load of material. It will only cost you a reasonable $640. A slimming waist line on the Cloe is a big attention grabber, not to mention the coyote fur lining the top of the coat. That one will ring in at $1,105. One of Dawn’s personal favorites is her Donnie coat; it is fox fur lined, double layer, form-fitting puffer that will cost you $1,466.

The DL2 line offers the same slimming warm coats with a slimming budget to match. The Bell is a beautiful short puffer with princess sleeves that show off the skinny girl on the go. It’s a luxurious jacket that only costs $439. Another perfect gift for the chic woman is the DL2 Natashia; it is an all-white puffer with faux fox fur for the eco-conscious individual. This coat is only $525. The DL2 line is also famous for its classic quilted moto, the Marley. The tailored waist and cube pattern creates an elegant appeal for an elegant gal. This is one of the most expensive in the DL2 line at $699.

“Too often women are hesitant to wear puffy down coats in deep winter because their figure disappears under the volume– instead opting for more stylish coats that leave them cold. I was guilty of the same. I was either cold or feeling like a marshmallow. I knew there had to be a common ground,” Dawn recently admitted. 

Dawn’s designs are unique in that the wearer remains toasty warm and keeps her shape. Dawn uses a number of special combinations of design elements to ensure style without sacrificing warmth. With the seams and stitches carefully sewn in each coat, the finest down, quilting and power knit belts together ensure a warm snug fit around her body.