Get gripped with Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness feat. Jem Cooke, “Grip”

The Disco Killerz are back with a sexy-cool track featuring the sultry vocals of Jem Cooke and electronic violinist Sarah Charness. GRIP will grip you with its mesmerizing and melodic beats. It features a sophisticated arrangement of layered sounds that make you hit replay over and over again. [I have!] The beat lures you in, Jem's vocals captivate and when Sarah comes in with that fierce violin, you're hooked. Electrified. Seduced.

Listen for yourself [above] and hey, it's a free download!!

Grip is the first in a series of collaborations between Disco Killerz and Sarah Charness with vocal features including Delaney Jane and Kat Nestel. Additional music will be released in late-2015.