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Dita Von Teese & The Art of the Teese Interview

She epitomizes glamour and femininity. She'll mesmerize you with her talent and on February 25th, the Queen of Burlesque will seduce Atlanta.

Burlesque icon, Dita Von Teese has created a new show that will undoubtedly sizzle, sparkle and shine in all of its designer glitz.

Dita Von Teese and I recently chatted about her new production, cleverly titled, The Art of the Teese, and she revealed many of the fabulous details about the show, performances and designer fashion behind it. Dita spoke about how much she loves Atlanta and she hopes on staying a day or so after the show just to explore and shop. Where will the 'Glamour Girl' go??

Other topics of conversation included the scoop on her third book, which you're going to want to get and we talked about Dita's lingerie label.

fashionado: It's lovely to hear your voice. You're very visual so it's nice to hear you speak.

Dita Von Teese: Visual and shy.

fashionado: You're shy?

Dita Von Teese: Yes, I'm shy about some things but not about others. I have my shy moments for sure and other times not. Going out on stage - I'm never shy about that.

fashionado: Are you glamorous 24/7?

Dita Von Teese: Well that's up for debate. When I'm in my 'glamorous robe,' in my 'glamorous home,' but I don't have any make-up on and I don't know what my hair looks like... But I do have rules, like not leaving the house a mess. I believe in pulling myself together for a number of reasons. I believe in elegance and how it relates to manners and how you present yourself to the world.

fashionado:Tell us all about "The Art of the Teese." From what I understand it's your biggest production. It must be very exciting for you.

dita von teese the art of the teese fashionado

Dita Von Teese: Yes, we came to Atlanta for the for time a few years ago with my other show and I feel like there's been a really big resurgence with burlesque in general. When I came out with my book, I discovered that there were so many new fans that had never heard of burlesque before and anxiously wanted to see what it is all about. This was one of the the reasons I decided to create a new show and bring it out on the road. We toured with my other show successfully for five years and we thought how can we capture the same spirit of that show and breathe new life into it. So there are some classic acts revisited and there are new cast members and some new numbers for me as well. You'll love this one even more!

Atlanta is full of cool people, fashionable people, stylish people who totally get what I'm doing. I love it there.

fashionado: On the fashion, style and glamour front, what can we expect from The Art of the Teese?

Dita Von Teese: One of the things I have, that is going to be new in the show is... I'm bringing an act called Lazy that I originally staged for the Crazy Horse in Paris, so I decided to bring that show back in a new way with my male back up dancers and I have new costumes by designer Jenny Packham. She's making very beautiful, all new costumes. Christian Louboutin is doing all new shoes. He and I work together and he sketches out ideas for the show and will make a couple different styles for each number that are interchangeable incase I need a higher pair or lower pair depending on the floor. My friend Catherine D'lish who's also a performer in the show has created these most extravagant Swarovski crystal spectacles. She's famous for making the most opulent and dazzling crystalized costumes you've ever seen.

fashionado: I love all things shiny and glittery! And feathers... I'm a huge fan of feathers!

Dita Von Teese: Oh you'll love this one corset - It's entirely covered in little itty bitty tiny feathers, the craftsmanship is amazing!

fashionado: I have to say, I love that on your website you feature two separate webpages; one for the Femme Fatale and another for the Glamour Girl... The blue dress you are wearing on the Glamour Girl cover page is stunning. Who is it by?

Dita Von Teese: That dress is from the golden age of Dior haute couture. It's by John Galliano, one of his very best from one of his amazing shows. That dress travels in a huge wooden crate! It's incredible. It's like one of the most amazing dresses I've ever seen. I actually wore several dresses from that collection. For me he's the height of glamour when it comes to designers.

fashionado: You have a third book out?

Dita Von Teese: Yes! It's 380+ pages and it's called "Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour" and I basically put every beauty secret I had in there. It's an inspiring read with lots of photos and interviews from some of my "glambassadors" as I call them. It took me five years to write it because I wanted to add more and add more. I'm very proud of it.

fashionado: Your passion for burlesque began with a fascination for lingerie, is that correct?

Dita Von Teese: Yes lingerie and 1940s and 50s Hollywood movies because my mother liked to watch those movies. I grew up watching those films with my mom and I have a fascination with lingerie for some reason - don't really know how it started. Could be from those movies or my mom's lingerie drawer but for me it became a rite of passage to womanhood and I never forgot that. It still does that to me now which is why I have a lingerie collection today. It's been an ongoing fascination. My first pin-up photos were taken because I have an obsession with lingerie and wearing it and showing it off.

fashionado: So what is your favorite lingerie brand?

Dita Von Teese: Well my own of course! (LOL) I have to say that my entire lingerie drawer has been converted to everything designed by me. I have a lot of designers that I admire but I put them all away and from this point on I am wearing only my own brand of lingerie. We've had the collection for about five years and you can find it at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Bare Necessities. The new collection comes out this Spring.

Speaking with Dita was a delight. Such a lovely person. Dita will be performing live in Atlanta on February 25th at the Tabernacle. Tickets. For tickets in other cities visit: artoftheteese.com


The Top 5 of 2016

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From canines to couture, 2016 was filled with lots of fabulous moments worth re-telling! In addition to the fashion (and fashion icons) 2016 was delicious, as you'll see with Gunshow and the year also kept us moving with the very best of EDM... Click on the titles below to see full stories!

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Hope that everyone has a happy and safe new years'! Thank you for the support, always :) xo


Road to Imagine Music Festival 2016

imagine music festival 2016 fashionado

Hi guys! I am ready to Imagine!!! Gathering my gear and headed to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the 3rd Annual Imagine Music Festival! I'll be staying in a 30ft RV so I will literally be like "eat, sleep, rave, repeat" for the next three days.

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the frye company pilgrimage music

The Frye Company has announced it will be the headlining sponsor of Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival’s Midnight Sun stage, which is returning to The Park at Harlinsdale in Franklin, TN on September 24 and 25, 2016. The two-day festival, which features renowned music artists from across the country, is The Frye Company’s first foray into main stage sponsorship in conjunction with the highly anticipated opening of their Nashville, TN store in October 2016. 

The Frye Company Midnight Sun stage, named for the Champion Tennessee Walker stallion who stood for 25 years and is buried at Harlinsdale, will carry a look reflective of the brand’s heritage that is steeped in 153 years of American craftsmanship. Featured artists for The Frye Company Midnight Sun Stage will include: Beck, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Grace Potter, Violent Femmes, The Arcs, Kaleo, Margo Price, Anderson East, Blind Pilot, The Strumbellas, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, and Johnny P.

The Frye Company, will continue its retail expansion this Fall by opening a location in the Nashville area, just 20 minutes from the Pilgrimage grounds. The Nashville store, located at 401 11th Ave. South, will open in October 2016 and features a stage at the center of the store, in recognition of the rich, musical history the city is known for. Based on Frye’s heritage, the curated environments designed by Frye’s in-house team in partnership with Lochte Architectural Group, capture the spirit and essence of the brand’s history, while incorporating unique characteristics of each locale. The stores showcase the breadth of the brand’s finely manufactured footwear and accessories for men, women and children and will maintain the tradition of quality and craftsmanship that has been the hallmark of The Frye Company for 153 years.

For more details on The Frye Company Midnight Sun Stage, visit www.pilgrimagefestival.com. For more information on The Frye Company, visit www.thefryecompany.com.


‘Record Redux: Spice Girls’ Takes on the World

‘Record Redux: Spice Girls’ Takes on the World

New book by Quentin Harrison marks the Spice Girls 20th anniversary on the heels of a buzz-worthy U.K. jaunt to connect with fans. Whether you were just becoming a fan when the Spice Girls first landed on the pop scene 20 years ago, or have only a passing knowledge of their biggest hits, there’s no way to miss the impact of the globe’s most successful female pop group.

This summer, music historian and commentator Quentin Harrison aims to make an impact of his own among pop music enthusiasts with ‘Record Redux: Spice Girls’. His debut book, part of a 12-book series documenting the discographies of women musicians, is an accessible reference guide and analysis of all things Spice.

The book acts as a reintroduction to the casual fan; for the faithful, it’s an affirmation of the Spice Girls’ musical prowess. Harrison recently returned from the U.K. where he held the “RRSG Walkabout” on March 26. The event allowed him to meet fans and tour various historical and contemporary “Spice sites.” Locations included the Royal Albert Hall (as seen in Spice World: The Movie), the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel (as seen in the “Wannabe” music video), and Victoria Beckham’s flagship storefront in the West End.

‘Record Redux: Spice Girls’ is available through Amazon.com in soft-cover format. A digital download for any tablet device will be offered through the Selz.com storefront. The book is published through Joy of Sound Publications with the support of Harrison’s hand-picked team: Paul Wolski, creative director and illustrator; and editors Jill Mazzetta and Travis Müller. Highlights include an entire study of the Spice Girls’ output as a unit and individually; compellingly rendered synopses of familiar and lesser-known works; and a foreword by renowned British music journalist David Sinclair, author of ‘Wannabe: How the Spice Girls Reinvented Pop Fame’.

The next ‘Record Redux’ release spotlights singer and songwriter Carly Simon. Simon rose to prominence with the hits “You’re So Vain” and “You Belong to Me” in the 1970s — and her career continued to flourish and develop for three more decades. This second book will be available April 10, 2017. The aim of the series is to draw attention to women recording artists whose musical legacies lack definitive discussion. “It’s about correcting context and the larger sphere of what the Spice Girls and other significant female artists have done,” Harrison says.



California-based, global watch and accessories brand Nixon announces the spring release of the Rock LTD Collection, a limited edition capsule of one-of-a-kind timepieces designed with donated leather jackets, pants and guitar straps from some of the world’s largest names in music and sport. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Rock LTD Collection will benefit the MusiCares MAP Fund®, a charity that provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment. Offered in extremely limited quantities, the Rock LTD Collection is available globally mid-April 18, 2016.

This season, the Rock LTD Collection features leathers worn by 13 world-renowned talents, such as Guns N’ Roses’ lead guitarist Slash, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, and Coldplay front man Chris Martin. The collection will also include exclusive watch designs from Nixon athlete and skateboarding pioneer, Tony Hawk, and Nick Rimando, goalkeeper for Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake. The donated leather goods are provided direct from each artist and athlete’s closet and are transformed into extremely rare and highly collectible timepieces. The resulting one-of-a-kind watch straps offer a worn, live-in feel.

Rock LTD Collection:

·         Slash — The 51-30 Chrono (Leather Pants)

·         James Hetfield — The 51-30 Chrono (Guitar Strap)

·         Kirk Hammett — The 51-30 Chrono (Guitar Strap)

·         Tony Hawk — The Time Teller (Leather Jacket)

·         Eminem — The 51-30 Chrono (Belts)

·         Nick Rimando — The 51-30 Chrono (Goalie Gloves)

·         Jared Leto — The Sentry Chrono (Belt)

·         Chris Martin — The Sentry Chrono (Guitar Strap)

·         Tim McGraw — The Sentry Chrono (Belt)

·         Brandon Steinekert — The Sentry Chrono (Leather Jacket)

·         Macklemore — The Time Teller (White Sleeveless Leather Top)

·         Alisa Xayalith — The Time Teller (Leather Jacket)

·         Jun K — The Time Teller (Leather Jacket; Available in Asia Only)

Each watch is individually, hand-numbered to denote its rarity. Additionally, each watch features a custom, etched caseback with the name of the artist and is packaged with a certificate of authenticity from Nixon and MusiCares®. Past Rock LTD Collections have used donated leathers from Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, Eddie Van Halen, Steven Tyler, Ringo Starr, Anthony Kiedis and Flea, and Dave Navarro, among others.

This exclusive delivery of the Rock LTD Collection will be available at global retailers, including: Westime (Sunset and Rodeo Dr. locations), RonRobinson | Fred Segal Melrose, Feldmar, Placio De Oro, Nixon Chadstone (AUS), Nixon London Carnaby, Nixon London Seven Dials, Nixon Paris and Nixon NYC, Nixon LCX (Hong Kong).