Enjoy the Sweet Taste of LOLEA: A Gourmet Drink, Perfect for any Special Occasion

Anyone who has planned a wedding will agree that the planning process can be stressful. Besides the obvious elements, figuring out the minor details, like what alcohol to serve during your reception or rehearsal dinners can be taxing. I would like to introduce sangria LOLEA a refreshing drink with less alcohol content. Pulling inspiration from its region of origin, LOLEA combines tradition and culture to make the perfect combination of wine and fruit, with a frizzante touch. In addition to its fine taste, LOLEA brings a sophisticated flare of style to any celebration. Enjoy the sweet taste of a gourmet sangria from the Mediterranean! LOLEA is elegantly crafted and perfect for any wedding or special occasion. Add a sophisticated touch of style to your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or wedding reception. 

Sangria, is a wine cocktail synonymous with social gatherings, celebration and joy! Let your bottle of sangria add a pop of color and great décor to the festivities. Prepared with either red wine or white wine, LOLEA is made with all natural ingredients and has a moderate content of alcohol. LOLEA isn’t just sangria, it’s a refined, chic brand of sangria made with love. It’s the personal project of a group of friends, who want to share what they love, making only a limited production for consumption each year. The essence of LOLEA’s story is evident with every sip; family and friends are guaranteed to enjoy! Please visit http://www.sangrialolea.com to learn more about this award-winning drink.