"The First Ever 2nd Annual Toecane Peeps Show"

Some Peeps took us to the disco while other peeps followed the "yellow brick road" and an adventurous, marshmallowey crew ventured to outer space - the new frontier- however, many other Peeps, well, they were just eaten. Judson Guerard Hot Glass Studio in North Carolina hosted "The First Ever 2nd Annual Toecane Peeps Show." The annual, deliciously sweet art show is the brainchild of glassblowers Judson and Sally Guerard and brought forth some of the most creative and clever artists from the area to create mini-installations featuring the iconic holiday treats. I was honored to judge the competition and perhaps a little sick - too many Peeps in my tummy! What happens when you take a group of talented, smart and socially aware artists and invite them to create art with something as ridiculous as marshmallow peeps? - A super amazing event! Enjoy the photos in the slideshow and perhaps next year you'll want to enter!