Lady Gaga as The Countess at Hotel Cortez / American Horror Story: Hotel

If this images from Entertainment Weekly of Lady Gaga don't get you excited about American Horror Story: Hotel, then nothing will. Lady Gaga is joining the American Horror Story AHS cast as the glamorous, blood-sucking, though apparently not a vampire, The Countess.

Naomi Campbell, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates will also be a part of the AHS cast and residents of the Hotel Cortez. We'll see new faces, old faces and I'm sure plenty of twists, sex and irony.

There seems to be a prominent fashion angle to next season of AHS - I love that. I hope they regain the darkness and mystery of the first season that in my opinion has been the best one.

American Horror Story: Hotel returns to the FX Network on October 7th!