Modern Elegance: When Experts DIY

What happens when the experts DIY? You won't find it on Pinterest, that's for sure! When designer/artist Taylor Jarson of Taylor Jarson Designs created these custom tables, not only did he flex his creative muscles but made his client extremely happy. TJD was designing a swanky yet comfy outdoor space for a client and rather than shopping at West Elm or Crate & Barrel for tables, they recycled a pine tree on the property that needed to come down. How's that for repurposing the environment?! Brilliant.

Taylor Jarson explores all possibilities of design and he pushes the envelope to create originality for his clients... so with that said, how were these tables made? I asked, he told... Taylor was very generous to share his step-by-step creation of these beautiful tables. See slideshow below:

The end result of this DIY project is modern and elegant. A stylish product that can't be found anywhere because they're one (two) of a kind! They are truly statement pieces. Thank you Taylor Jarson Designs for sharing your creativity, talent and skills with us all.