Penland Panoramic

This is not the first time I have written about Penland School of Crafts nor will it be the last. I have returned to this magical place, repeatedly for twenty-nine years. I was just twenty-one when I first went to Penland.

Growing up Cuban, in Miami, at Penland is where I saw my first mountains, first snow, learned to weave, make books and created life-long friendships. Penland fed my mind and soul and continues to do so nearly three decades later. I've seen Penland grow and evolve into a world-class center for craft education. Its Executive Director, Jean McLaughlin has everything to do with this through her leadership and dedication to Penland School.

Penland School, which I affectionately refer to as Heaven on Earth, offers classes in all disciplines of craft - glass, clay and iron just to name a few. It is difficult to explain and describe what is the "Penland experience" because it goes much further and way deeper than instruction. The Penland experience refers to something that is internalized and differs from person to person. It grabs hold of you and all you want is to return to Penland. It's something positive, enriching and incomparable to anything you've ever felt. It's more than just taking a weaving class or blowing glass or rolling ink. The Penland experience is like a beautiful addiction; an escape from business, social media, reality and all the other crazy things that make our fast-paced lives fast.

Slow down. Learn. Live... Penland School.

Penland School offers courses year round except over Winter. Their annual auction, in August, is one of their biggest fundraisers and promises a weekend full of delicious food, drink and art to gratify every collector. Check it out.