Uptown with Tina Sloan

After a successful launch in Atlanta of the wonderful one woman play,

Changing Shoes


Tina Sloan

, who originated the role of

Lillian Raines

on the

Guiding Light

26 years ago, is back at the place she calls home, New York City. I met up with Tina, on her turf, for a lovely lunch at the chic Amaranth restaurant.

Tina loved Atlanta and praised her audiences,

"They were wonderful and so gracious."

As much as she enjoyed the city, walks to the botanical gardens and the stellar service at the Four Seasons, Tina is happy to be back in


city and is taking a little time to rest.  

At our NYC lunch, we talked about how much


miss the

Guiding Light

and we talked about how much we love Changing Shoes. I went to the play 5 times! Needless to say, I can now recite a number of lines, so I did. My favorite: 

"You must always wear your own shoes, otherwise your feet won't know where to take you."

I followed Tina's advice the previous evening and wore one of my favorite pairs-- metallic silver wingtips. They took me to Dior, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent. You see, Changing Shoes is a play for everybody. Changing Shoes the book, hits bookstores in Fall 2010. 

After lunch, which was quite delicious may I add, Tina invited me over to see her place.  As we approach her place, the doorman greeted us as he pulled the door open. We went through the posh lobby towards the elevator. Tina's home is as sophisticated as you would expect. Her impeccable decorating epitomized NYC chic.


Remember to visit Tina's website. Its fun, its interactive, its: www.changingshoes.com