Its that time again... New Year's resolutions!babyindiaperhat

Last year, I decided that I needed realistic resolutions. Something that I could actually keep. It took a little extra thought but I searched my mind for something that was not impossible to accomplish. Resolution: Not play the i-pod so loudly at the gym. That was it. It seemed funny, even silly at the time, but guess what -- I stuck to it! I hadn't realized it until this past week when I was working out and found myself adjusting the i-pod volume. Wow, not only had I honored my resolution for an entire year, but had made it a daily practice and a healthy one at that as I've preserved the life span of one of my senses.

With the success of last year's resolution, I felt a sense of personal achievement that inspired me to come up with one for 2010 that would be equally successful and beneficial. Now again, it may seem silly too, but this year, I resolve to get more sleep! In order to accomplish this, I need to not go out as much and if I don't go out as much, I will also drink less. Sleeping is great. I love to sleep. So why not make a simple life adjustment to grant my wish... Hello beauty sleep!

I've shared two resolutions with you. Now its your turn!

Share with me and my readers what Your New Year's Resolutions are by leaving it in "comments".

Thank you and well wishes, health and happiness in 2010!