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What do you get when you combine the ultra softness of lambskin, the elegance of silk, luxurious cashmere and really good kharma --

Mi Energia

handbags and scarves. Chilean born,

Susan Pielsticker

is the genuis behind the label and speaks passionately about her work:


: Tell me about your choice of textiles.

Mi Energia

: In trying to decide what to make the bags out of I knew that I wanted them to be of very high quality. I'm a huge bag collector and a lot of the bags that are being produced today are of non-


leather. I wanted mine to be very soft and very light and that's how I chose lambskin.


: How do your bags wear?

Mi Energia

: I'm not very careful with my bags and they are holding up nicely. The leather is already so soft and getting even softer with wear.


: I noticed your bags are made in the USA.

Mi Energia

: I did my research and found companies that manufactured over seas yet I kept coming back to

Kiran Bindra


InStyle Exchange

and the fact that I really wanted my bags made in the USA.


: How did you come up with the name Mi Energia?

Mi Energia

: I'm a divorced mom of twins for about 5 years now and I am really into positivity and doing things to increase self confidence. I have a degree in psychology and I have always been fascinated with metaphysics and human behavior. I find it intriguing how you can control your mind. I'm always trying to keep myself motivated, driven and confident. I used to keep a piece of paper in my purse with affirmations like: "

I am happy; I am strong

" so I decided to merge the self help concept into the whole line which is how the affirmations got printed unto the silk lining of every bag. Mi Energia is spanish for " my energy." I needed the bags to have a lot of meaning and be personal.


: With your line, you have achieved form, function and substance. Would you say that's what separates Mi Energia from others?

Mi Energia

: I wanted my bags to have a purpose more than the physical. I wanted it to be mental as well, so they are more than just bags  or just scarves. I wanted to go beyond fashion.

Mi Energia handbags & scarves:


Susan Pielsticker is an inspiration to fashion design. It was refreshing to speak with someone who loves fashion, style and beauty and is not misguided with its superficiality. Susan has successfully intertwined substance and beauty into a must-have line of handbags and scarves. Symbolism never looked so good!

For detailed information about Mi Energia, view their catalogue and SHOP! Check out their website:



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