Braxton and Adam Rub Noses for PALS


Mondays aren't exactly the most popular day of the week, except when it begins with a photo shoot involving a handsome dog, a hot nude model and a few glasses of champagne. All in the name of doing good of course!

I co-chair Rubbing Noses for Pets Are Loving Support, a long standing signature event for the organization. This year's event, which will be held on Sunday, September 26 at the Lambert Place, will feature a silent auction, a live auction with 11Alive's Evelyn Mims, a menswear fashion show like no other, sponsored by the Boy Next Door and free-flowing cocktails.

Photographer Richie Arpino, once again, took the shot for this year's show teaser.

For Braxton, the 2010 PALS Spokespet, this was his first professional photo shoot and he handled himself like a pro. Of course, his dads and his doggie treats were nearby.  

Atlanta based model/actor/hottie Adam Gates gave us the better part of his day (and body) for the shoot.

The real star of the day was Braxton, for Pets Are Loving Support.

Look for the finished artwork late next month. I hope to see you at Rubbing Noses on September 26 at Lambert Place -- $20 donation gets you: open bar, live & silent auctions, catering, sizzling hot fashion show and cute doggies. Pretty fabulous!