Gardenias for Grandmother Tattoos

It was only fitting that my first tattoo be in honor of my beloved grandmother. Though she past away more than fifteen years ago, her spirit, love, energy and memory are with me everyday. I knew a tattoo of "our" favorite flower would be the perfect homage for someone I adored. After all, tattoos are for life, so they better be meaningful.

Enter, Malia Reynolds. Amazing and talented.

After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, Malia made the (wise) choice not to compete in that crazy job market. Instead, she listened to her friends who urged her to become a tattoo artist.

This tattoo started it all for me...  A gardenia on my shoulder for my Grandmother. We consulted on the design and it's placement. And though it hurt like a bitch, Malia was gentle, tender and very pleasant. The devil's music (Metal - not Malia's choice) played in the background and kept me somewhat distracted. 

When consulting with a tattooer, it is important to remember they are artists, and even though  you are "commissioning" art on your body, its bests to allow the tattooer's style and vision to be present in the work. Malia and I have a great professional relationship that respects this idea. I'll come up with the subject matter for a design and Malia develops the concept through her artistic interpretation. After a final consultation, we're ready to start. This has always been a quick an easy process for me because I love Malia's work so much.

The sleeve we've been working on all summer. This was my third visit since June. Malia started on the color this time. My next visit, in two weeks, will continue with color, followed by more outlining, in later sessions. You can find Malia at Memorial Tattoo on Moreland Avenue. You'll love Memorial Tattoo as well. From the welcoming smile of Lee Yarbrough at the front desk to the friendly visits from owner and gifted artist, Phil Colvin, Memorial offers you an inviting environment.

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