Bodies as a Work of Art

A passionate message from Ken Goldwasser about this amazing upcoming art experience:

Over the years, I have been involved with many charities and philanthropic causes. All of them have had positive effects on our community and the lives of the people they serve...

Artist Paul Chelko was a dear friend and mentor. His creativity knew no boundaries and his love and respect for women was his inspiration. In the quiet years before his death, we often spoke of his legacy and his message. He would expound on living without boundaries... of creating the magnificent from the mundane and revealing the light and beauty from what most of us see as ordinary.

The upcoming event to benefit The Chelko Foundation, "Bodies as a Work of Art" is a private exhibition of live body art, on both men and women, that serves Paul's vision of "creation without limits". The execution of design on this unique canvas will truly challenge each artists' comfort zone leading them into a new state of creation. This is going to be a truly groundbreaking event and not to be missed!

A long time friend and patron of Paul, Bill Hagood, owner of The Cheetah, has graciously donated the club for this private event on Monday August 23rd from 6-9pm. Mr. Hagood continues to support The Chelko Foundation's mission, "Seeking to empower women worldwide through art, education and partnership".

Your $50 contribution will support The Foundation's fund for scholarships and grants. These grants are awarded to individuals and organizations that are currently engaged in projects that parallel the Foundation's mission.

I am asking you to please visit our event site and buy a ticket today! If you are not in town or unavailable, please consider making a donation to The Foundation and purchase a ticket anyway.

In gratitude,

Ken Goldwasser



Judges: Carey Carter, Mara Davis, Holly Firfer, Rich Eldredge, Eve Mannes & Timothy Tew.

Mitchell Anderson emcees the event!