Jeffrey Fashion Cares - Start to Finish

The evening began with a glass of champagne at the Presidential Suite of the Loews Hotel. Old friends, Jennifer Brett of the AJC Buzz and Rich Eldredge of Atlanta Magazine, along with new friends, the Examiner's Anastasia Nicole and Heather Catlin of WSBTV's Hot Topic waited for the Jeffrey Fashion Cares guests of honor to arrive for a fun and casual media soiree.


Jennifer Brett, living up to the title I gave her of "Twitter Queen"- and yes, she is tweeting - Jennifer looked lovely in a deep blue layered dress that brought out her beautiful blue eyes.

This is the picture she tweeted:


I'm with the gorgeous Sara Blakely, Spanx Inc. founder and a wonderful person all the way around who makes us all look and feel better.


The party scene: B52s Fred Schneider chats it up with Rich Eldredge.


Fred Schneider and Sara Blakely are sandwiched between Proenza Schouler's Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough (far right).


In a chic silk dress with silver spangles, the true woman of the hour, Caren West of Caren West PR. Putting together an event like Fashion Cares is an enormous labor of love handled excellently by the super pr magic of Caren West PR and her sensational team: Chad David Shearer, Natalie Powell and Sean Liphard. Great job and thank you!

After leaving the Loews, I met up with my good friend Jeff Glasheen and we headed over to the event space. We rode the elevator to the 32nd floor of 1075 Peachtree and entered the best dressed cocktail reception in the city. Can I just say, Wow! Bling, stilettos and lashes for days all over. The room itself emitted a vibrant energy caused by a combination of factors: thumping dance music, great ambient lighting, flash photography and liquor.

I am preparing runway footage for later in the week, so stay tuned! For now, here are photos of the many wonderful fashion lovers that glamourized the evening:

[caption id="attachment_4288" align="aligncenter" width="335" caption="*photo by Ben Rose"]Yelena-Leuchanka-Mychael-Knight-fashionado [/caption]

Yelena Leuchanka wearing a Mychael Knight original. Stunning.

angela-karatassos-fashionadoThe always stunning Angela Karatassos.

luxetips-latoicha-givens-fashionado(left) Luxetips' Latoicha Givens.

Toni Schenk in a sparkling necklace.

lisa-tush-jeff-glasheen-fashionadoLisa Tush is beautiful in a silk ruched cocktail dress with beaded front and Jeff Glasheen is always dapper, always in style.

[caption id="attachment_18670" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="Cathy Smith"]100_0752‑235x300.jpg-cathy-smith-atlanta-fashionado[/caption]

vincent-martinez-marian-goldberg-david-yurman-fashionadoI'm pictured here with one of my favorite lovely ladies and dear friend, the most precious gem in all of David Yurman, the gorgeous Marian Goldberg.

anne-barge-anne-barge-atelier-bridal-fashionadoSarah Richards of Anne Barge Atelier with the bridal goddess herself and last year's Jeffrey Fashion Cares Honorary Chair, Anne Barge. Both ladies are chic in black.

january-howard-ellen-harden-fashionadoMore fashionistas. January Howard and Ellen Harden.

jamie-annarino-red-clay-pr-q100-jenn-hobby-the-bert-show-fashion-cares-fashionadoThe REAL Jamie Annarino of Red Clay Pr and the one and only, Jenn Hobby.

evelyn-mims-11-alive-nbc-atlanta-and-company-fashionado11Alive's Evelyn Mims who I just love and adore. On the right, Stephanie Russell.

corinna-allen-fashionado Corinna Allen in a sexy one shoulder dress.

vincent-martinez-vikki-locke-fashionadoBumped into the wonderful Vikki Locke and her husband Mike as I took my seat.

judy-hanenkrat-neil-barclay-national-black-arts-festival-fashionadoThe National Black Arts Festival's Judy Hanenkrat and Neil Barclay.

The lady in red, Leslie Koerdt.

mara-davis-dave-fm-james-andrews-emly-benham-fashionadoGreat picture of a gorgeous blinged-out Mara Davis, davefm,  and the handsome James Crews of Emly Benham.

The fashion show was fantastic, but again, more on that later in the week.

There were so many wonderful, beautiful people and friends supporting the event that for one reason or another didn't find their way to my camera, so I'll give them a shout out: Meg Reggie, Stan and JeNika Mukoro, Tamara Kimble, Liz Lapidus, Jessica Thomas, Aly Hoag, Marsha Middleton, Mychael Knight, Reggie Walker, Marilyn Johnson, Drew Brown, Dennis Dean-thank you for the exquisite catering! - Elizabeth Roth, Isoul Harris, Don Purcell, Lila Hertz, Louise Sams, Jeffrey McQuithy, Felix Buitrago, Justin Epstein, Tammie Reed, Kevin Bryant and Pat Wallace.

Lets move on to the after party to end all after parties! They say its not  over 'til the fat lady sings, well she sang, but we weren't listening! Champagne was flowing past midnight and the performers kept performing. Drag Queen and cotton candy, fire breathers and celebrity deejays. Only the creative forces and event consultant Bill Kaelin and the imagination of Cathy Smith could bring to life a  chic circus-themed bash. I don't have many pictures because I was too busy having fun. So here's what I do have:

tonya-ellerby-clique-atlanta-fashionadoCliqueAtlanta's Tonya Ellerby in a vintage sequined ensemble. We had just walked in.

erica-lee-fashionadoThe sultry Erica Lee.

nicole-paige-brooks-rupaul's-drag-race-fashionadoH O T. Nicole Paige Brooks, from Atlanta Georgia.

bubba-d-liciousThe bubbly Bubba D. Licious poses with fan, Caroline Wallace.

april-trigg-eventologie-fashionadoEventologie's glamorous April Trigg.

dj-vicki-powell-fred-scheider-b52s-fashionadoDeejays Vicki Powell and Fred Schneider spinning those turntable round.

and we danced and danced and danced... Monday night will never be the same!

Jeffre Fashion Cares 2010