Atlanta Embraced Fashion's Night Out!


Officially launching

Fashion's Night Out

in Atlanta was a big deal on various levels. From the economic boost to the thrill of a mention by

Anna Wintour

in Vogue to the city-wide response to


. The level I like best is cerebral; it's the heightened view and elevated perspective of fashion forward thinking and its impact on our lives. Yes, fashion is fun and yes it may be perceived as superficial by some, but its also a multi-billion dollar industry that employs millions, globally. And that is not fluff.

Let me tell you, Neiman's knows how to throw a party. The energy throughout the various floors was exuberant! Drink stations everywhere; make-up sessions; trunk shows; art; lights, shopping; music.

It was all so chic.

I continued [my] Fashion's Night Out adventure and the next stop was Jeffrey  at Phipps Plaza. Jeffrey Fashion Cares' 

Lila Hertz

, along with her mother and sister, were just leaving. I was happy just to see her for a minute and to see that she seemed well rested after a very successful JFC event.

If Neiman's FNO was


, then Jeffrey's was


. They too can throw a party.

Sadie Hawkins

, the performance complete with peacock feathered fans, was styled by Jeffrey that evening.