CBS Better Mornings Gets Edgy in Atlanta

Move over networks, CBS's Better Mornings Atlanta has an edge on you!
Next week, Atlantans will be greeted on highways throughout the city by this image in billboard size, making the morning and evening commutes a bit more interesting. What a way to warm up winter! Now that's what I call HOTlanta! The promo is part of a large marketing campaign by CBS & BMA to grow the network's image in a forward thinking way and expand their viewer demographics. Kudos to CBS for getting "it" and understanding how to take risks.  

Co-anchor (and BMA hottie) Brandon Rudat feels great about the promotional campaign. He's had to hide [his] ink for a long time and gives a lot of credit to the CBS promotions department for thinking outside the box. Brandon says: "Every station in the news market looks the same. We want to be different. We cover hard news, but at the same time, we obviously have personalities to make people laugh. Sometimes, we never know what's going to happen that day on set. But, I think, thats what keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. You have to give people a reason to tune in, and sometimes, just being different works!"

Amen to that!

CBS rolls out the Better Mornings Atlanta marketing campaign locally, on the same date that nationally, The Early Show introduces their new team. January 3rd - a big day for CBS! Watch the BMA team do their thing (as I do) every morning, M-F starting at 4:30am on CBS.

PS. Tracye & Jennifer look pretty fierce too!