Doggies Teaser Video

Doggies on the Catwalk Sampler from Scott King on Vimeo.

This is a sampler/teaser video shot and  produced by Scott King. The featured models in this clip are Michaeline Roland and her dog Shep; Ellen Harden and the calm but powerful 165lb Duncan & Adam Gates, who is also powerful and weighs about the same as Duncan; then there's the adorably stubborn French Bull dog, Barnabus along with the ever so beautiful and patient Rashan Ali; Elle Duncan and Gizmo strutted next; Lisa Rayner Tush followed glamorously with Chief.

Scott King was amazing with his super-hero videographer skills. He is busy editing all the footage which he shot using four HD cameras.

Vikki Locke emceed the Friday night event. I'll be posting photo essays throughout the week!