Pt. 2 Macon Film Festival 2011

"This may be a small film festival, but it's certainly the friendliest." Nick Moran.

Saturday, at the Macon Film Festival, consisted of more quality, narrative shorts, but the two feature length films that resonated with an emotional punch couldn't have been more opposite in content.

billy-fenderson-marty-buccafusco-jonathan-zenelak-macon-film-festival-fashionadoMarty Buccafusco's warm-hearted film about a young, unadventurous attorney who inherits a blue pair of blue sneakers and a NYC apartment upon his care-free father's death, decides to go on a journey with his best friend. The two, life-long friends embark on a walking trip from NJ to NY using a 1968 map as their guide. Much is revealed about the universality of life as the film unfolds.  Sneakers & Soul is a sweet, tender film with an excellent cast.

“No matter what you do in life, always have a perfect bed and a comfortable pair of shoes, because when you’re not in one, you’re in the other.”

[caption id="attachment_7039" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Marty Buccafusco"]marty-buccafusco-sneakers-and-soul-macon-film-festival-fashionado[/caption]

Marty attended the Macon Film Festival and during the Q&A he talked about the labor of love it was to produce the film, thanking his mother, who was in the audience, and acknowledging the amazing support from family and friends throughout the making of Sneakers and Soul.

There was a huge line that circled the street at the Cox Theater in anticipation of Nick Moran's The Kid which was the special screening that same night.

When Terrell Sandefur introduced Nick Moran, one of the first things Moran said was that The Kid was actually a "feel good" movie [once you get through the first half.] I joked with Moran at the after party by telling  him that I thought he was full of it because the film was so intense right up to the suicide scene which seemed like it was the end of the film. My mistake, of course, as the film took a major turn in direction and surely enough, tears of joy followed it's ending. [Not counting the tears throughout some of the most dramatic, pain enduring scenes.]

The Kid is the hard-hitting, true life story of the horribly abusive childhood of Kevin Lewis. The film, just like in Lewis' life, took an incredible turn after a suicide attempt. He had an epiphany while in a transcendental state of mind and realized the power to change his life had always been within him.

Actors, Natascha McElhone (Californication), Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four) and Rupert Friend (The Young Victoria) do an amazing job of portraying their roles. Rupert Friend, especially, who played Kevin Lewis, delivered a painfully convincing character that wraps you up into his tormented world. You can't help but feel Lewis' agony and loneliness. By the end of The Kid, you are tearfully reveling in his triumph. Definitely "feel good."

[caption id="attachment_7040" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Terrell and I sandwiched between Nick for a picture to include Terrell's fabulous parents, Joe & Anita Sandefur."]vincent-martinez-nick-moran-terrell-sandefur-the-kid-macon-film-festival[/caption]


Nick had a captive audience with Anita and I. He's charming, engaging, a great storyteller and was totally thrilled to be at the Macon Film Festival. Sadly, The Kid may never get released due to distribution issues! Let's hope it does - its truly an incredible and inspiring story.

Other interesting facts that Nick shared and on a lighter note, were about the musical score. The music was all 1980's- the time period for the film- and to cut production expenses, it was more cost effective to rerecord particular songs in the studio rather than buy the copy rights for usage. Kim Wilde's Kids In America came via a personal favor from Wilde's husband who starred in a play in London once with Moran.

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll be getting another dose of Nick Moran's character, Scabior, in the next Potter movie.

Nick Moran was so captivated by the charm and southern hospitality of Macon that he is considering shooting his next movie there. Terrell's showing him the sights!

As the 6th Annual Macon Film Festival came to a close, I found myself feeling a little Macon withdrawal shortly after. Jeff, Steve and I had such an incredibly good time that we are already talking about next year's film festival.