The Sea is All I Know

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The Sea is All I Know is a powerful new film by award winning filmmaker Jordan Bayne. It stars Academy Award winner Melissa Leo, critically acclaimed actor Peter Gerety and Kelly Hutchinson.

In a recent conversation with Bayne, I asked her to describe the film and she did so with a series of words. She said The Sea Is All I Know is a film about "love, relationships, betrayal, faith, death and healing." The film takes you on an emotional journey [and exploration] of the universality of life and what it means to truly experience a life-changing "act of selfless love."

Kelly Hutchinson who plays a daughter who comes home to die and reunites her estranged parents played by Peter Gerety and Melissa Leo. Through all of this, Leo and Gerety must set aside their personal feelings and angst for eachother and support their dying daughter who has forced them to face emotions they are unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable with. At the end, "her death, in a metaphysical way, brings healing" to the parents.

Peter Gerety is "amazing in this character" said Bayne, adding that "he is just sublime in this piece."

Bayne admits that she wrote the piece with Melissa Leo in mind as she has been a longtime admirer of her work. The day the Oscar nomination was announced, Leo called Bayne and reassured her that she was committed to doing The Sea Is All I Know and told Bayne not to worry. [Congratulations on the well-deserved win. Everyone was thrilled.]

"Even in the darkest hour, life has a way of teaching us, love never fails."

The Sea Is All I Know trailer captures so much emotion in a gripping 1 1/2 minutes. I appreciate the layers of complexity in the film. Especially Jordan Bayne's unconventional "love story" approach. We've all had personal encounters with life, love and death and from speaking with Bayne [and evidenced in the trailer] The Sea Is All I Know is a film that sends a message about the power, strength and dynamics of humanity.

Excellently and passionately written, directed and executed, The Sea Is All I Know will make you re-evaluate the things that truly matter in life.

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