Tina Sloan's Tinammercial 2011

Like many Guiding Light fans, I have loved Tina Sloan, a.k.a Nurse Lillian Raines, for more than two decades. Tina is an inspiration and living proof that you are never too old to live out your dreams. After the ending of Guiding Light, Tina hit the ground running in her Chanel's. She wrote a book and starred in her own play based on the book, Changing Shoes. ( A book tour followed.) Tina joined the cast of the indie web soap, Venice. She had a small role in Black Swan and most recently was at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas promoting a powerful new film by K. Lorrel Manning titled, Happy New Year. Tina stars as the lead character's (Michael Cuomo) mother.

(Last night) On twitter, Tina sent out the Youtube link to a fun video compilation she cleverly named, "Tinammercial." I could resist publishing it today, so I hope you enjoy the video short as much as I have!