Jack Spade for Coca-Cola


“We are extremely delighted to be able to celebrate with Coca Cola on their 125th anniversary. Great collaborations are borne of the combined strengths of each part”, says

Cuan Hanly

, VP/GM of Jack Spade. “Given both Jack Spade’s and Coca-Cola’s heritage in design, pop culture and whimsy, we feel the Jack Spade and Coca-Cola products truly represent this. After all,

it’s the real thing



The new Jack Spade collection takes its design cues from some of Coca-Cola’s most memorable campaign slogans. There is a quintessential Jack Spade tote, the Coal Bag, emblazoned with “It’s The Real Thing”, and produced in Coca-Cola’s classic red and white shading. Jack Spade - in conjunction with the Colby Poster Printing Company of Los Angeles – has also created a selection of posters (50 per print), replete with tag lines from 1971’s “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” and 1989’s “You Can’t Beat The Feeling”.  A trio of limited edition t-shirt designs (only 300 per print), featuring all American foods such as hot dogs, burgers and pretzels, makes a playful nod to Coca-Cola’s enduring role as the ultimate in refreshment. Delving further back into Coke’s archives, Jack Spade has taken the interlocking letter c’s which originally featured in Coca-Cola merchandise from the 1910s, and repurposed them on a baseball cap, in a style reminiscent of that era. Only 150 caps have been designed and made as part of this limited run. Completing the collection is an iPhone 4 cover, featuring the Coca-Cola logo that we all know and love today, which was first introduced on Coke cans back in 1966. The Harlequin-style, hard shell cover takes the classic logo and sits it next to the equally illustrious Jack Spade logo, including its signature “Jack Spade, Warren Street, New York” tag.


Kate Dwyer

, Group Director of Worldwide Licensing for Coca-Cola, comments, “Decade by decade, Coca-Cola has been at the heart of the American design zeitgeist, so it makes sense to continue this rich legacy with a partner such as Jack Spade. Jack Spade’s imaginative re-working of Coke’s classic captions and iconography in line with its own strong, masculine aesthetic, only serves to enforce that simple, understated design married with exceptional product quality is still the formula for success for when it comes to classic American brands.”