A Night at the Opera with the Project Runway All Stars


With runway looks ranging from sophisticated vintage, show-stopping red carpet and yikes, the macabre, the Project Runway All Star designers demonstrated their "couture" skill and frankly, their lack of knowledge about what women wear to the opera. Don't get me wrong, it was a very entertaining episode which I enjoyed thoroughly. It just baffles me when the judges clearly deliver a challenge and some designers just don't get it.


Guest judges, designers Badgley Mischka, best known for their beautiful red carpet designs, challenged the designers to create a gown fit for a "Night at the Opera" and gave them just 24 hours to do it.



"Mentor" Joanna Coles continues to share her thoughts, insight, expertise and guidance with the designers. She's a good fit. (no pun intended)


Rami's design was underwhelming, but "safe." And Mondo's vintage-chic inspired dress had lots of stage presence but wasn't necessarily operawear.


Emo-gothygirl April's dead dog of a dress horrified everyone, including the poor model wearing it based on her facial expression(s): WTF am I wearing! April stepped outside her comfort zone by using color which got her a somewhat backhanded compliment from Mizrahi. Ball gowns aren't her thing, imagine that. So in defending her aesthetic approach, April referred to her red dress disaster as a "corpse-bride." Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!


Joining April in the bottom with the lowest scores was the all so sweet, Sweet P. At the end, Tim Burton's love child was in and Sweet P was out.


The judges loved Anthony William's dress. I agree, it was stunning. Isaac Mizrahi appreciated the element of "vamp" the black leather gloves added to the look while Georgina Chapman was "on the fence" contemplating if it was too much. NO, it was wasn't dear. Throw in a leather whip and a ball gag mouthpiece, then maybe.


Michael Costello's gorgeous black gown with embellished beaded and feathered collar was not only a show stopper but should also shut up those mean little bitches who said he couldn't sew! This dress was my winning pick.


The judges winning pick: Austin Scarlett. I won't argue that Austin's dress shouldn't have been on top. It was beautiful yet lacked the wow factor that we got from the gowns created by Anthony and Michael.

Tune into Thursday's episode when the designers are challenged with creating a dress for glam guest judge Miss Piggy. That should be quite funny. She better watch it though, piss off the designers and they might just make lechon asado! Kidding, love Miss Piggy!


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