It's a Brad Brad World ~highs & lows...


Bravo TV debuted its latest (fashion) reality show last night,

Brad Goreski's

"It's a Brad Brad World." 

I think I'll stay in mine, for now!


Brad is the former and somewhat disgraced, assistant to super-star stylist

Rachel Zoe

. [Whatever really happened between them, is between them!]

"It's A Brad Brad World" fell flat for me on many levels, starting with the show's uncreative title. Brad is likeable and very easy on the eyes, but he put it best himself when he acknowledged that "Looking cute doesn't pay the bills."

The show felt desperate, a little forced and offered more sequins than substance, but I blame the producers for that. They had to have suspected viewers would make comparisons to the widely popular "Rachel Zoe Project." Bravo even through in Brad's boyfriend, Gary, as a character in the show. [Suddenly RZ's hubby didn't seem so annoying to me!]

To Brad's credit, kinda, he was trending worldwide on Twitter last night. I jumped into the


roast along with






who decided to watch next week's episode just to tweet about it! Join us...

To end on a positive note, there is a glimmer, beyond the sparkle of Brad's sequined jacket, of hope. He does have

Jessica Alba

as a client and signed 

Keri Hilson

who he styled for the Met Ball. AND if Brad continues to work with well-known and established magazines like




, "It's a Brad Brad World" could definitely blossom. SO I will give him a chance and tune in next week. [If its really bad, I'll mute and enjoy the eye candy.]

Did you watch?

If so, what did you think.

"It's a Brad Brad World" airs on Bravo, Mondays @ 10pm Eastern and Pacific times; 9, Central time.