Underworld: Awakening

Director:  Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein

Starring: Kate Beckinsale

Hollywood is not afraid of making sequels.  The fourth installment of the


series is proof that they should be.  The Underworld franchise focuses on a war between vampires and lycans (werewolves).  For hundreds of years, humans have not known these supernatural creatures existed.  Once humans are aware that vampires and lycans are not mythical they wage a war to kill them all.

Kate Beckinsale (Van Helsing)

is one of the most stunning women in Hollywood, but even her talents were not enough to make the film memorable.  Beckinsale's trademark outfit of form fitting leather is back to the delight of horny fanboys around the globe.  The stunts in the film are eye popping, and the cool gadgets are back as well.   Beckinsale did not participate in the third installment, but when you need a hit you need a hit.  The same strategy worked for Vin Diesel with the Fast and Furious franchise... so why not?

The special effects are average.  If you like blood in your movies it flows, sprays, and splatters throughout the film.  It is being released in 3D and


(the latter will cost you $17).  The use of 3D was underwhelming and added little to the storytelling.  The only new element is the addition of a child character, and this came off as a cheap and obvious way to add drama.  Underworld: Awakening was number one at the box office this past weekend proving that  the audience is still there.  Bottom line:  regurgitating the three previous Underworld movies, with a child thrown in, has no bite.



Jamie Clemons



score 4 out of 10