EMME... Super Everything!

Laura Turner Seydel introduced Emme as the "first super size super model" last week at a luncheon at her "Eco Manor" in Buckhead. About 100+ guests  were treated to the fabulous model, mother and activist who spoke about positive self-esteem and body image.

Emme, who started as a TV journalist said that she "fell into modeling" and signed with agency in NYC. As a "plus-size" model she faced her share of ridicule from an insensitive industry that told her she's not pretty and called her "fat!" Cruel words that could demage the average person. Emme, on the other hand, found strength from this and showed them all by being named

People Magazine's

50 most beautiful... TWICE! "Women come in a bouquet of beauty" she pointed out.

Emme was engaging and so inspiring. She exudes positivity and I was totally captivated. I could have heard her speak for hours. 

A few great Emme quotes to live by: "Your actions make a difference. Just don't do anything, do something!" 

"Activism starts with the mindset that diversity exists." 

"Great self esteem comes from inside and feels hot and wonderful."

Visit Emme's website EmmeNation: where mind, body and spirit meet.