FashionMania Project Runway All Stars Face Off!


The All Stars "faced-off" on the runway in last week's episode with special guest judge

Cynthia Rowley

. They were paired off by the seasons of the year and competed against one another over the hottest looks for spring, summer, fall and winter... Sadly, in some cases, more luke warm rather than hot.


Kenley & Mondo.

Kenley's "summer" look was cute, cute, cute - the judges agreed and liked it way better than Mondo's. Isaac especially like that it was a one piece and that the fit was right. Georgina pointed out that the dots didn't line up at the seams. Cynthia Rowley didn't get Mondo's look at all. I was a little surprised that she couldn't think outside of the box.


Austin & Kara.

The reinvented khaki wowed the judges but they hated the blouse. Me too! Really, Austin, a "spring" look featuring florals... how original. The judges are questioning Austin's sense of (or lack of) style. Kara's look was too simple. The judges didn't love it either. My question for Kara: where are the accessories???


Mila & Rami.

I'm a Mila fan. Cynthia liked the "geometry" of her "fall" look though Georgina observed that if you're going to create Helmet Lang style pants, the fit really needs to be tight and less timid. I get it. Isaac hated Rami's color choices but all the judges loved the cut of the blue coat. Unfortunately, that love didn't save Rami who got sent home.


Jerell & Michael.

Project Runway wouldn't be "reality" tv without a little controversy. You copied me! No I didn't! Jerell accused Michael of knocking off his "winter" jacket... whatever, who cares... At the end of the day, Jerell was the overall winner. Congratulations. Get over it.