Project Runway All Stars get Flagged... recap


The hardest part with last week's Project Runway All Stars challenge [for the viewer] was staying awake for the entire episode. I'll admit, I dozed off here and there. I'm sorry, I just found it all so boring. The designers started the day with a visit to the UN with host, Angela Lindvall. While there, they chose flags from different countries for inspiration. They were challenged to design a look inspired by the colors of the flag and the culture of the respective country. Designer Catherine Malandrino served as guest judge.


Austin Scarlett struggled with finding inspiration from the flag of Seychelles... He skipped his meal and worked straight through. At the end, he produced his signature glam-style look but it really didn't work. He was safe.


Kenley Collins was a runway favorite with Chile. Her dress was cute and the cut on the chic side, but the problem I have is the same problem everyone is having: she makes the same dress week after week! She is going to have to step up her game to stay in this competition.


A beautifully draped Greece inspiration from Michael Costello graced the runway. He whipped this one out, though the back was cut a little to low for comfort, I think.


The real issue was with the front of the dress. The judges felt it read pageant gown because of the blue embellished bow. Hey, maybe Michael was thinking Miss Universe?


Jerell Scott gave us a costume from India. I would have sent him home. He took it way too far; over the edge. Strip away the green chiffon draped mess, the white embellished horror down the sleeve and give the model runway hair and make-up, this costume would have been fashion. Hey Jerell, Bollywood's calling!


Mila took her modernity and structure to Papa New Guinea and got sent packing! Even though I really didn't like the short/long lengths of her dress, I did appreciate everything else about it, especially the asymmetrical neckline. Mila had a vision, stayed true to her aesthetic while interpreting the challenge without giving us costume. Again, I would have sent Jerell home.


Mondo takes another win with his inspired dress from Jamaica. He stepped outside his comfort zone and created a simplified look that was sexy and sophisticated. He incorporated the colors of the flag on the back treatment... I didn't care for that at all but I understand why he had to.

Immediately following the show, Lifetime premiered the "After the Runway" half-hour series hosted by Joanna Coles and Isaac Mizrahi. Each week they'll feature the fallen designer and answer workroom and runway questions. I'm sure they'll start as many fires as they put out!

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