Art meets Commerce on Project Runway All Stars


And then there were three! We're in the final runway stretch folks... it was a serious 

Project Runway All Stars

last week as only three of the designers moved on as finalists and one went home. This was an important and very relevant challenge as the All Stars had to think about the business end of fashion to create their ready-to-wear looks. Guest designer

Nanette Lepore

[not to be confused with transQueen Amanda Lepore - Queens you know who I'm talking about!] delivered and hosted the challenge. The winning design will be sold in her stores nationwide with the profits going to support the Save the Garment District Fund. 

[caption id="attachment_13180" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Austin Scarlett"]



I have not been crazy about Austin's designs, ever. Michael Costello posed the question "what do the judges see in him" and I believe the answer is, Project Runway's top priority, ratings. He's a fan favorite and I'll admit, I've enjoyed Austin from time to time. He makes good tv. But is he the best designer? No. [

Is he too skinny, YES!


[caption id="attachment_13182" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Michael Costello"]



I found it amusing [and remember, I like Michael] that he criticized Kenley for making the same dress over and over while he does the exact same thing. How many more fucking caftans do we need on Project Runway?! That aside, Michael knows how to drape one well and his looks have dramatic stage presence. This particular dress, however, was too long, as mentioned by judge/designer Georgina Chapman. Joanna Coles' issue with it (in the workroom) was that you couldn't wear a bra. Austin may have said it best by stating that only models can wear Michael's clothes.

[caption id="attachment_13183" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Kenley Collins"]



Her own stubbornness  may have cost Kenley her place as a finalist. It's too bad. I liked her and it didn't bother me that her dresses were often mere variations. She has a marketable and wearable sensibility with just the right amount of flare. Perhaps her ego kept her from listening to the judges? The one time she did listen, enormous praise from Isaac and Georgina flowed over. This dress was pretty and I see why Kenley fell in love with the peacock feather print but unfortunately the strong print and the structural design were incompatible. Still, I would have chosen Kenley over Austin.

[caption id="attachment_13190" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Mondo Guerra"]



Mondo, Mondo was the winner! I especially loved the pockets of this very versatile, slightly insane dress. Without a doubt, Mondo is purely talented yet his talent may possibly be his downfall. He terrifies me. I've known people like Mondo who are completely creative and totally lack business sense or even an interest. You need to use both your right and left sides of your brain to succeed in this industry so Mondo I hope you are willing  to do that OR perhaps find yourself a Giancarlo Giammetti, just like Valentino!

The 2-part All Star finale airs March 15 and March 22... and you know there will be twists and surprises!