Sara Blakely Spanx strikes a pose for Vogue...

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For the past fourteen years, she has flattened your belly and thinned down your waist. In the process,

Sara Blakely

fattened up her bank account [big time] and made the prestigious Forbes billionaires list for 2012.

In a great feature in this month's



The Bottom Line: A Profile on Spanx Founder Sara Blakely

- by Lynn Yaeger, Sara shares her story and reveals her love of fashion. Ms. Spanx has fabulous taste in designers!

Sara, as you can imagine, is in high demand after the Forbes list was released. Trying to score an interview with her is rather impossible (unless if you're a big network, of course).

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But it's okay!

I've met Sara a couple of times.

We've chatted about, life in Atlanta, shoes, jewelry and Spanx for Men and how I don't need them but my friends do.

Sara Blakely is lovely and unbelievably down to earth. Quite refreshing...

Visit the


website and read about how it all started.