Tips for Choosing Spring & Summer Nautical-Style Fashions

by Alexandra Jacobs

spring-fashion-alexandra-jacobs-fashionadoAh. Spring is finally upon us in the Hamptons. And that means two things—we put away the clunky boots, thick scarves, and puffy parkas we've been wearing for the last four months and we trade them for some lighter spring and summer fashions that we can wear to our Hamptons rental house in the next few months! The best spring and summer fashions in the Hamptons reflect the casual, but chic style that's associated with this part of the country. The styles are as chic as anything uptown, but they're more casual and very often reflect the water that plays such a big role in the lives we live here.

Nautical style in the Hamptons embraces natural fibers; which include linen, silk, and cotton. The nautical cut plus these materials are some of the elements that give these clothes their classic, yet fresh appeal. 


Daytime fashions for spring and summer appeal to people because of their ease and lightness—quite a contrast from winter fashions. The colors of flowers and simple cuts dominate these fashions. During the day, it's common to see a nautical-striped blue T-shirt (long or short-sleeved) topping a pair of skinny jeans. A red or blue linen blazer dresses up this look, which adheres to the Hamptons style, but is still casual enough for lunch at a beach-side stand. This outfit combo also works well going into the evening as well.


Speaking of day into evening wear (or even spring into summer for that matter), another big look this year is a smart, form-fitting white dress. The sleeves for the dress in question sport a T-shirt cut, but the neckline has a bit of a stylized scooped cut, giving the dress a more formal feel. Espadrille shoes with a heel made from denim or red canvas work for the daytime look for this dress. (They're a popular choice in many nautical-style fashions.) Strappy sandals or a colorful pump help bring the outfit into night time activities.

Strappy high-heeled sandals are a good choice for a number of outfits, actually and are a must wear for many of the fashions in the nautical Hamptons style. High-heeled shoes can dress up even the most casual of outfits if a person chooses the shoes with care. A pair of rolled up chinos that's topped with a fitted polo shirt suddenly gets a dress-me-up makeover when this outfit is paired with some nautical-themed bangles and a pair of sandals like some open-toed Espadrille shoes. The addition of the jewelry plus the sandal shoes, transport this outfit from day to night and from spring to summer.


For those who want their clothes to echo the floral shapes and colors starting to blossom in the Hamptons this time of year, a classic and chic choice is a light knit top paired with a flowing skirt. Select a summer sweater in nautical colors like blue. For the skirt, pink brings a shot of freshness and with the loose cut of the skirt; the outfit takes on the shape of a flower that grows on the beach. A floppy hat matching the top or the skirt shields the face from the spring and summer sun and replicates the line of the skirt.





Finally, spring and especially summer in the Hamptons means fun. Nights spent in the Hamptons often include boat parties, nights spent on the patio or deck of a local lobster restaurant, or an evening spent on the beach with friends doing a clam bake. For this there is the fun party dress. This small slip of a dress sports brilliant patterns and nautical colors of blue or red. Versace is a good starting point when looking for the snappy party dress.

With these day into evening spring and summer fashions, it'll be easy to find just the right clothes for a clam bake or a day spent on the deck of a boat.

*Alexandra is a travel enthusiast who loves to write about tourism, beaches,  food and the wonderful things in the world. She provides her own insights on vacationing to the blogosphere. If you would like to learn more about her,  follow her @alexsjourneys or visit her


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