Vittorio J for Prince William

vittorioj-prince-william-fashionadoVittorio J Makes Custom Tie for Prince William's One Year Royal Wedding Anniversary

On Monday April 23, Vittorio J Group, LLC (VJNY) released its one-of-a-kind custom made necktie for Prince William on his one year Royal Wedding Anniversary.  The 100% silk woven fabric was cut, folded and hand-sewn in Naples by artisanal craftsmen.

The baby blue polka dot and silk used for this tie comes from the best fabric house in England, and employs a yarn count 50% higher than the industry standard.

This tie features more silk threads per square inch, a greater ply count, and a generally softer and more refined touch. The lining of this tie is made from a double-blend fabric known as NAPOLI + TELA, which uses stripes of cotton and virgin wool to create a firm but pliable backing.

Another rare feature is the use of double slip-stitching to prevent wrinkle and reduce the stress from knotting. For more info and product, visit:

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