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"When you fall in love with you, the world falls in love with you. Because we are love. That's what we are and that love is God in an earthbound body." Maxine Taylor.

A powerful introduction from an amazing astrologer, in fact, Georgia's first licensed astrologer. I recently sat with Maxine Taylor, which was my first time visiting with an astrologer, to have my birth chart and my annual astrological forecast read. I was blown away at the accuracy of what I learned about myself, my character, my personality and my potential!


The birth chart "validates" our existence by telling




based on where the planets, sun and the moon were aligned within the universe at the time of birth. [Prior to my visit with Maxine, I provided her with the date, day of the week and time of (my) birth.] As a Scorpio with a Virgo ascendant I learned that I'm supposed to be exactly who I am, quirks and all. So rather than fighting myself so much, I am now have a better understanding of why I


and why I


.Perhaps you're a Scorpio too but remember the readings are specific to you and only you!

Maxine explained the meaning and power of every planet present in all twelve houses. That was eye opening.

[I learned / reaffirmed!] that as a Scorpio, I need to be in control all the time.


. But she explains, "there's a fear of not being in control and this is not ego, this is survival. With a Scorpio, everything's life or death." Wow, Maxine hit the nail on the head! She went on to confirm what I've known - and battled internally - that I always think 20 paces ahead, crossing t's and dotting i's while worrying about the details. No kidding, I have been this way since childhood.

The annual forecast reading was significant because it detailed the "raw potential" that my life and career has in store based on planetary alignment and the effects of eclipses through 2013. I left with a feeling of empowerment. Oh, and a CD of the hour long reading. Trust me, I've played it over and over.

Visit Maxine's



move into the magic

... Treat yourself to a reading. I promise it will answer questions and open eyes. You will leave with a sense of clarity and a feeling of empowerment. *Through Maxine's website you can also sign up for her free monthly forecasts. I get them and love them!

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"To be afraid and not to care that you are afraid is the courage of which Scorpio is made."