Monsieur Brad Pitt pour Chanel No. 5

[caption id="attachment_14347" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Chanel Photographer: Greg Williams"]brad-pitt-chanel-no-5-fashionado[/caption]

Nicole Kidman, Lauren Hutton and Audrey Tautou have all represented the legendary french fashion house in lavish ad campaigns and now, Chanel has a new face to show off, a manly face. What?!

chanel-brad-pitt-fashionadoClutch your pearls ladies, its been confirmed that Brad Pitt is the "new face" of the signature parfum Chanel No. 5.

The 48 year old actor is the first man to be named in this role and  will appear in ads later this year.

Chanel hasn't released any details other than the ads are slated for an overseas release...

People Magazine's "sexiest man alive" is sure smelling pretty!

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