Harvey Nichols gets Pissy


Well, thank goodness it's not [shit] that would be "gross." Still, some people got their Depends in a twist and are pissed off over the

Harvey Nichols



The ad campaign features pretty models who couldn't "contain their excitement" over the huge sale at Harvey Nichols and wet themselves. Ridiculous, twisted humor. I think it's funny, though many found the ads offensive and in "bad taste." Regardless of your stand, Nichols has everyone talking.


Harvey Nichols is not a stranger to controversy. Last Christmas they caught flack over their "Walk of Shame" ads that showed women walking home the next morning after being out all night. [As if I've never done that!] Big deal....

In response to criticism over the pissy ads, Harvey Nichols' Marketing Director, Julia Bowe, had this to say: "In humorous reaction to the (often-irrational) excitement sale time engenders, we have developed this campaign to capture this near-fanatical spirit, because let's face it, the thought of picking up brands at up to 70% off is enough to excite and overwhelm even the most composed shopper in us all."

70% off? Think I just wet myself!