It was all about Candy on Project Runway


It's the "

Uncoventional Challenge

." Yay! Everyone's favorite {insert sarcasm here}. This time, the designers went to the candy store for their materials. Some of the creations were sugary sweet while others would've forced Hansel & Gretel to run towards the witch, fast. 

[caption id="attachment_16184" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Tim Gunn & Dylan Lauren. Wonder if that's a Ralph Lauren tie?"]



A sweet man and mentor,

Tim Gunn

poses with

Dylan Lauren

, owner of

Dylan's Candy Bar

where the designers got the goods... Their Project Runway budget was $250 dollars which doubled after Dylan generously gave them 50% off their purchases.


In ten Project Runway seasons, designers have been challenged with all sorts of "unconventional" materials to create their garments with - from hardware to dollar stores. This one, I feel, was the most challenging because candy is so tiny. They really had to think about the foundation of their designs and figure out how to completely cover it with small bits of candy within the time constraints.


We saw a tamer Gunnar this week, thank goodness. Don't get me wrong, he's still very annoying. His dress was wonderful, though I didn't care for the ruffled waistline much.


I was very surprised that designer Andrea Katz was safe with this mess. She really struggled with the design and had a mini-breakdown when Tim Gunn was less than impressed  in the workroom. She was creating an apron. Seriously? Tim may have forced her to re-think but don't be fooled by the order, structure and silhouette of the front of the dress because the back of it [and there are no pictures to be found, btw] looks like the vomit of a child who ate all their Halloween candy in one day!


Buffi Jashanmalis melting in the dark. All the sweet green icing flowing down. Someone left the cake out in the rain. These lyrics [Donna Summer's of course] ran through my head as Buffi's dying dress walked down the runway. She was in the bottom, but I was glad she was safe. I'm not ready to see her go home yet.


Elena Slivnyak, have you ever watched an episode of Project Runway? You never argue with the judges. As cutting and snide as they can be at times, at the end of the day, they are the industry professionals, so listen to them. You may learn something. Check your ego before the critique. Congratulations, you win my bitch slap of the week. A triple one in fact: 1- for the hideous dress, 2- for your arrogant attitude on the runway, and 3- for crying like a stupid baby over the hot glue burn!


Patricia Fields called it in the first episode when Lantie Foster was in the bottom two. She said Lantie is more of a stylist than a designer. Yup. Auf wiedersehen Lantie. Like Elena, apparently Lantie has never watched an episode of Project Runway. EVERYONE knows that the judges hate it when the "designer" uses obvious materials in the Unconventional Challenge! Lantie deconstructed an umbrella she got at Dylan's Candy Bar and used the fabric to make her dress and used very little candy. So creative, NOT! Lantie herself admitted she would never wear her design.


Almost got the win. Sonjia Williams' dress wowed the judges. The were especially impressed with the gummy shark neckline and the overall design. It was flattering, appealing and hey, edible!


And with the winning design, Ven Budhu. The judges unanimously loved this dress. It was well-constructed and like Nina Garcia pointed out, on trend with it's color choices. Ven crushed rock candy to make the design and used black licorice to separate the different shapes. This dress was pretty but more importantly, Ven achieved what the judges love more than anything in the Unconventional Challenge, it looked like a real dress, not like the materials that created it. I think Ven was happy to win the challenge. It's hard to tell since he is emotionless. That's okay. Ven, it's your talent we care about not your lacking personality.