Project Runway Season 10; Episode 1

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AND they're back!

Project Runway


fab four

kicked off

Season 10

with an anniversary celebration at the

Center of the Universe

, aka, Times Square. Then, PR rewound to "1 day earlier" to do their traditional meet-the-designers introductory segment - you know, when they show the designers walking with their luggage through NY and meeting one another of the first time.

The first guest judges of the season were actress

Lauren Graham

and stylist extraordinaire

Patricia Fields


The designers were challenged to create a "second" look for a piece they had created earlier and brought on the show. Easy enough? Not!


Tim Gunn

in the workroom! He delivered his famous, at times infamous phrase "make it work" within the first eight minutes of the show.


I enjoyed these two... 

Christopher Palu

(l) and

Ven Budhu

(r) appear to be nice guys and are certainly skilled and talented.


The bad & the ugly.




Fabio Costa

(l) didn't make much of an impression on me. He seems nice enough, just hard on the eyes.

Gunnar Deatherage

(r) is just a bad little girl. His whining, high-pitched voice and hateful demeanor puts him in the lead for a major bitch slap. After being rejected from PR last season, Gunnar claims he found himself as a designer in the past year, we'll see.



Kooan Kosuke

. Is he a cartoon or anime character? Is he adorable or simply annoying. Talented or just an idiot? Time will tell, thanks to Heidi, who insisted to give Kooan a chance to reveal himself. Glad she did. I think?


Two good looks from designer

Melissa Fleis

. They are chic and edgy. I love the leather vest but I'm not crazy about the severe asymmetrical bottom of the second dress. I've seen that done too many times before [by college students]. The only real concern I feel for Melissa is her allegiance to the color black. Sweetie, I love black too, but there is nothing original or innovative about it. I loved black in 1985 and wore it for an entire year. Twenty years later, my little sister did the same. Get over it Melissa


the judges will rip into you!


I'm excited to see more from Ven. Everyone agreed, judges included, that the blossoming bustier was amazing. His proportions, skill and aesthetic, if consistent, will make Ven a force to be reckoned with...


Lantie Foster

, 38. No, 48, created these two messes that scored her in the bottom two. I can deal with the first look a little bit; the crochet/lace/doily dress. But as for the second look, no way. The skirt portion is okay, but the bodice is heavy looking and so unflattering with the snakeskin breastplate... You just have to question her sense of style. I don't know anyone who would wear that dress.


Being the first contestant to go home on any reality show is always rough. Being told, "hey at least you made it this far" just doesn't make it any easier. The first 

auf wiedersehen

of the season went to

Beatrice Guapo

. She was all about knits but unfortunately for her, the judges were not.


He's sweet, he's cute, he's the current "

Fan Favorite

" and he's the winner of the first challenge!

Christopher Palu

wowed the judges with his long flowy dress. It's craftsmanship gave it a fluidity that made it so appealing that it forced

Patricia Fields

to remove her shades to get a better look.

This concludes [my review] of the first episode of what seems to be a promising and exciting season. There is plenty of potential drama material from the combination of egos, temper tantrums, lesbian designers, bitchery in the workroom, a variety of ages, talent and pressure. Of course, WE watch Project Runway for the fashion, only!