Project Runway Regular Women

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Project Runway

designers were challenged to design for "regular" women. They were to give them makeovers: hair, make-up, etc. This was not my favorite episode. Mainly because none of the designers created anything thrilling. They all seem to be playing it so safe this season. 


Case and point:


. He is clearly talented. He is clearly skilled. [And kinda adorable.] He designed a nice dress. That's it. Just a nice dress. The judges thought so too, but they were wowed by his styling more so than his design.


Too short too lumpy.


was deservingly in the bottom with this one. The large knot on top didn't bother me as much as it did the judges, though I didn't care for. It's the short length of the dress that really got to me. Awful!


It was the end of the runway for

Nathan Paul

. When he made the bottom three, I knew he'd be the one to go. Not only because of the "mess of a dress" as pointed out by

Nina Garcia

, but because he wasn't as popular as the other two in the bottom. Nathan's dress was bad in taste but not necessarily in construction.

Heidi Klum

summed it up best by saying the dress looked "cheap" and it's style was "hoochie mama." Of course, we all know she was referring the model/client's taste level.


"It took a boy in a dress to get you in a dress" said a jokingly

Michael Kors

about the winning look by

Fabio Costa

. I can't say anything bad thing here. The dress was amazing as was the makeover.


I saved my "bitch slap of the week" for

Ven Budhu

. This was disastrous. He offended his client, her friend, Tim Gunn and the other designers with his ignorant perspective on designing for plus size women. He can't communicate, he said all the wrong things and hurt his client's feelings by making it known to her that he thought she was too large to design for! Hey 


Butthead, when's the last time


looked in the mirror?? You're FAT!

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